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BANOVA® PLUS - Light Weight. High Performance.

Banova® PLUS is the world’s lightest plywood made of balsa veneers. It is highly versatile due to various thicknesses, processing options, and the possibility to combine with numerous face laminates.

  • Uniform surface qualities and outstanding flatness
  • Combine with various face laminates to enhance specific properties such as scratch resistance
  • 50 - 70% lighter than conventional plywood solutions
  • 30% faster cutting speed with standard lasers due to low density of balsa wood
  • Very good weight-specific stability
  • PVC and formaldehyde free
  • Natural wood from sustainable, FSC certified farms

Banova® SUPERFLEX – Flex Light. Flex Strong.

Banova® SUPERFLEX is a combination of a textile core layer and highly flexible wood veneers. Its tight bending radius, maximum strength, and light weight made this material ideal for creating organic, curved components.

  • Provides a natural, evenly shaped surface – no segmentation
  • Easy manufacturing and handling with standard wood-working tools
  • Excellent finish on both sides when formed into an ‘S’ shape
  • Wide range of applications thanks to easy shaping and processing
  • Outstanding surface quality when bonded onto a membrane press
  • Very good weight-specific stability
  • Natural wood from sustainable, FSC-certified farms

BANOVA® Application Brochure

Download our BANOVA® Application Brochure to learn more about the products and their applications.

SURFACE FINISHES • For Endless Creativity

Material properties like stiffness, strength, impact resistance, scratch resistance, texture, color, and printability can be optimized by combining the panel with face laminates to suit specific customer requirements.


The surface can be sanded flat and suitable for direct lamination. Standard wood abrasives can be used in the sanding process. For optimum sanding results, ensure that an efficient dust extractor is in operation.


Face laminates such as hardwood veneers, HDF, HPL, CPL, and aluminum can be applied using existing equipment. It’s important to comply with the recommended bonding pressure of 2.5kg/cm3.


The surfaces and edges can be easily painted, filled, and wall-papered. Depending on the requirements placed in the finished surface, more primer may be required.


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