About Fome-Cor®

Fome-Cor® Board is effective as an insulator

Continuous Protective Wrap

1/4” Fome-Cor® Board is produced up to 8’ tall with an accordion folded design that allows for a continuous protective wrap around structures, such as the manufactured home in this image.

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With Fome-Cor® Board, homes stay protected, comfortable, and energy-efficient year round.

Factory Built

Built to allow interior moisture to escape, be water resistive, and to control air filtration.

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Fome-Cor® Board has been used in the home construction industry for over 30 years.

Ease of Installation

Fome-Cor® has faster installation times than sheet goods and its stiffness makes for easier handling, reducing installation cost and project timelines.

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Fome-Cor® Board’s unique accordion-folded, foam-filled design reduces the possibility of unwanted water, air, and noise from entering your home!

Vapor Barrier

Fome-Cor® board is built to allow interior moisture to escape, preventing the buildup of moisture vapor in the walls. Read More

Water Resistive

It’s water-resistive, so water can’t get in and damage the walls or insulation. Read More

Reduced Air Infiltration

Air infiltration is reduced by up to 63% with Fome-Cor® Board, helping to minimize heating and AC costs. Read More