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Gator-Ply backers balance face veneers and help prevent warping

Gator-Ply® Backers

The original specialty engineered man-made wood fiber veneer introduced by 3A Composites over 35 years ago.

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Provides unique customization for cabinetry, display fixtures, and office or residential furniture pieces

Luxcell® Facers

Specialty engineered man-made wood fiber veneers specifically for painting and printing

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Perfect for helping to prevent telegraphing

Syn-Ply® Crossband

The original specialty engineered synthetic crossband to be used in five-ply panel construction

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Leading manufacturers of residential furniture, office furniture, cabinetry and retail-store display fixtures know that using Gator-Ply®, Luxcell®, and Syn-Ply® products ensures a high-quality, dependable, and unique final product.

Gator-Ply® Cuts Costs

Gator-Ply® backer has been used for 30 plus years to cut production costs, simplify the manufacturing process, and improve furniture products. Read More

Luxcell® is Made for Printing

Luxcell® facers and backers are designed specifically for printing or painting by the furniture manufacturer. Read More

Syn-Ply® Hides Seams

Syn-Ply® prevents seams from telegraphing to the facer from lumber-rimmed cores. Read More

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Check out how creative designers, artists, and architects have transformed their ideas and visions into tangible results using our versatile composite materials.