Fome-Cor® Board Offers Unsurpassed Weather-Barrier Protection In Factory-Built Home Construction

As the factory-built home construction industry has continued to evolve to meet customer needs, FOME-COR®  Weather-Barrier Board by 3A Composites USA  remains unsurpassed in the protection it offers home-owners looking to increase comfort in their homes while reducing energy costs.

FOME-COR Weather-Barrier Board, a ¼-inch accordion-folded foam-filled house wrap and sheathing board, is produced in 7.5-foot, 8-foot and 8.5-foot heights. FOME-COR Weather-Barrier Board’s unique accordion-folded design allows for a continuous “no-seam” wrap of the factory-built home, providing premium protection against air leakage and moisture migration. FOME-COR Weather-Barrier Board is an approved sheathing for Wind Zones I, II and III.

FOME-COR Weather-Barrier Board is the only house wrap to offer the sound-dampening 24-hour water-resistive rating (ASTM D-779) and a vapor breathability rating above 5 perms. FOME-COR Weather-Barrier Board offers the higher insulating R-value of 1 when compared to other sheathing products such as 7/16-inch oriented strand board (OSB), which offers an R-value of .5.

 When factory-built home manufacturers utilize FOME-COR Weather Barrier-Board, they not only provide home-owners with the added values of reduced energy costs and increased comfort but can reduce their own material and installation costs.

FOME-COR Weather-Barrier Board is priced approximately 25% lower than 7/16-inch OSB; and, its continuous design eliminates the need for a separate house wrap. Not only does OSB require a separate house wrap, it must be spaced during installation to allow for expansion and contraction.

FOME-COR Weather-Barrier Board's continuous design allows for fast, easy installation. It eliminates the need for water diverter paper around windows as well as caulking at roof/roof, wall/wall and wall/floor joints.
Additionally, manufacturers can achieve significant weight savings -- which puts less strain on the manufactured home and framing members -- when installing ¼-inch FOME-COR Weather-Barrier Board (approximately 0.18 pounds per square foot) compared to 7/16-inch OSB (approximately 1.44 pounds per square inch.)

FOME-COR Weather-Barrier Board has served as an industry staple in the manufactured housing market for more than 40 years; and, its superior product design continues to  provide overall better performance when compared to other sheathing products,” said Doug Robinson, sales manager, industry/transport, 3A Composites USA. “FOME-COR Weather-Barrier Board’s easy-to-install accordion-folded design provides outstanding LEAN benefits in installation as well as reduced physical stress to manufacturing employees installing this proven product. FOME-COR Weather-Barrier Board remains ‘the better board’ for factory-built home construction.”

For those manufacturers seeking a sheet option, 3A Composites USA also offers ¼-inch BACKER Board, which is produced in 4-foot by7.5-foot, 4-foot by 8-foot and 4-foot by 8.5-foot sheets. Lightweight-yet-rigid BACKER Board provides a smooth surface for the application of siding. It also offers a water vapor breathability rating above 5 perms and sound-dampening benefits as well as an R-value of 1.

For more information about FOME-COR Weather-Barrier Board and/or BACKER Board, call the 3A Composites USA Customer Service Department at (877) 424-9860, extension 1, or e-mail Visit us on the web at

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