3A Composites USA Broadens SINTRA® PVC Collection to Include Four Product Lines

The SINTRA® Collection of  moderately expanded PVC boards has been broadened by 3A Composites USA to meet a  wider variety of customer needs through four product lines: SINTRA, SINTRA Eclipse, SINTRA Vers (formerly e-pvc™)   and new SINTRA Construct.

Since its introduction more than 30 years ago, SINTRA moderately expanded PVC board has served as the premium standard against which all others are measured for printability, quality, consistency and formability.

“3A Composites USA is committed to growing the market for our SINTRA expanded PVC boards by continuing to strengthen this product collection with even more solutions for graphic designers and fabricators,” said Chuck Kunze, the director of product management and marketing at 3A Composites USA. “High-performance SINTRA remains our premium solution for long-term graphic displays while SINTRA Vers, previously called e-pvc, offers a competitive solution for a variety of general-purpose display projects. We’ve rebranded e-pvc as SINTRA Vers to better reflect this versatile product’s high quality and domestic production. SINTRA Eclipse combines a bright-white PVC facer over black SINTRA to enhance premium displays with dark finished edges. We’re pleased to introduce SINTRA Construct – which has been specially formulated for projects requiring mechanical assembly and fabrication – as our newest expanded PVC product line.”


The Sintra Collection now includes the following four product lines:

SINTRA – Engineered to Go Beyond. As the original high-performance moderately expanded PVC board, SINTRA is specialty-engineered to be a premium solution for graphic display projects that require the highest-quality material. SINTRA is unsurpassed for its printability, quality, consistency, durability and performance, offering superior surface characteristics and physical properties when compared to competitive products. SINTRA is available with premium bright-white surfaces that produce excellent digital- and screen-printing results. In addition to the brightest white, SINTRA also is available in a broad range of colors in gauges ranging from 1mm to 12.7mm and in standard sheet sizes ranging from 48-by-96 inches up to 2 meters by 120 inches.

SINTRA Eclipse – The New Black. SINTRA Eclipse is comprised of one bright-white solid PVC facer over black SINTRA. SINTRA Eclipse offers an optimized solution for high-quality printing by eliminating costly and time-consuming pre-treatments, flood-coating or lamination steps. SINTRA Eclipse is lightweight yet rigid and durable and can be easily fabricated and formed with the bright-white facer utilized to create dimensional graphic displays. SINTRA Eclipse provides a premium dark finished-edge appearance and is available in 3mm, 6mm and 12.7mm thicknesses in standard 48-by-96 inch sheets.

SINTRA Vers – Expanding Versatility.  SINTRA Vers (formerly e-pvc™) is a lightweight moderately expanded PVC sheet with a low-gloss satin finish that is an ideal rigid substrate for a variety of medium-term graphic display applications. SINTRA Vers is manufactured in the 3A Composites USA Benton, Ky., plant and is designed to deliver all of the performance of competitive PVC boards with no trade-off in quality. Projects created with lighter-weight SINTRA Vers are easy to handle and install and can be shipped with lower freight costs. SINTRA Vers is a quality solution for applications with weight restrictions such as hanging and/or elevated signs. Bright-white SINTRA Vers is ideal for one- or two-sided digital-printing and screen-printing applications. Also stocked in black, SINTRA Vers is available in gauges ranging from 3mm to 6mm and in standard sheet sizes ranging from 48 inches by 96 inches up to 60 inches by 120 inches.

SINTRA Construct – Building on Quality. New SINTRA Construct is a moderately expanded PVC board specially created for mechanical assembly and fabrication applications utilized in the retail fixture, construction and transportation markets. Extremely rigid yet lightweight SINTRA Construct offers excellent impact strength and scratch resistance. It is easily machined and fabricated and provides the needed staple and screw retention for these applications. SINTRA Construct is highly resistant to moisture absorption and does not rot or delaminate. SINTRA Construct is available in white and black in gauges ranging from 6mm to 19mm and stocked in 48-by-96 inch sheets.

For more information about SINTRA, SINTRA Eclipse, SINTRA Vers and SINTRA Construct, visit www.3ACompositesUSA.com/display, email info.usa@3AComposites.com or call (800) 626-3365.

About 3A Composites USA

3A Composites USA specializes in the manufacturing of leading substrates for the graphic display and architectural markets in North America, South America and Central America. With manufacturing facilities in Benton, Ky., Statesville, N.C., and Glasgow, Ky., and sales and marketing offices in Davidson, N.C., our industry leading brands include: FOME-COR®, SINTRA®, GATOR®,   DISPA®, DIBOND®, LUMEX® G and ALUCOBOND® PLUS.

About 3A Composites
3A Composites has developed, manufactured and marketed high-quality aluminum composite panels, structural composite material, plastic sheets and lightweight foam boards for architecture, visual communication and the transport and industry markets since 1957. Following the integration of the Polycasa group in April 2015, 3A Composites has extended its product portfolio with a wide choice of plastic sheets to strengthen its position as a diverse and leading manufacturer of materials for display, building and industrial applications. 3A Composites also provides solutions for the wind energy and marine markets.

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® SINTRA is a registered trademark of 3A Composites USA.