8 Great Gatorfoam Graphic Display Board Applications

The versatility of Gatorfoam is evident in its many applications. The flat, durable, heavy-duty graphic display board serves a wide variety of users from artists, and hobbyists, to visual merchandisers and retailers. Its many benefits afford it a range of uses and it’s easy to see why.

Artist, Denny, Griffith, Painting, On, Gatorfoam, Graphic, Display, BoardArt

Denny Griffith: Another World

When Denny Griffith, the former president of the Columbus College of Art and Design, began creating his Another World series, he didn’t have to know that the material he chose was a polystyrene foam core between outer layers of Luxcell wood-fiber veneer. What Griffith needed to know, was that the composition of the material he chose would be good for his oil on encaustic process and that it was lightweight for easy maneuverability. With these qualities, the artist created a delightful species using oil on beeswax melted with an iron onto the flat surface. Where standard sizes include 4-by-8 foot sheets, with oversized boards reaching 5-by-10 foot, Griffith painted on custom 10-by-10 foot boards to create his series of 17-plus paintings.

Outdoor Installation – Eagle-Inspired Public Artwork

In a collaboration between resident artist Brad Dinwoodie and community residents’ young and old came together to create a patchwork of tiles made from Gatorfoam’s Exterior line. Dinwoodie airbrushed an eagle in flight over the mosaic tiles to create the final effect. The project became known as, “Eagles in Flight.” Once finished, four panels adding up to 8-feet tall by 16-feet wide were mounted around an exterior aluminum frame. The material needed to be warp-resistant, dent and scratch resistant, and resistant to the elements such as mold, mildew and moisture. Four coats of urethane-based UV clear acrylic were used to coat the outer surfaces and edges, protecting the art installation from sun, rain and graffiti. Gatorfoam Exterior is specifically designed for outdoor applications and can withstand weather conditions as long as the edges are protected.

Where, The, Wild, Things, Are, Gatorfoam, Graphic, Display, BoardSpecialty Events

Where the Wild Things Are

A fundraising gala for the Children’s Museum of Houston called for an extensive installation representing the children’s book classic, “Where the Wild Things Are”. The design experts at Angela & Company were chosen to create the special-event décor. They would spend the better part of a summer hand painting on an 8-by-100 foot backdrop mural, followed by two 20-by-20 foot set pieces, in the likeness of the books main characters Max and his monster, made out of Gatorfoam. The scene was finished with dozens of three-dimensional trees to create a world for attendees to feel like they were walking through the pages of the book. Not only was Gatorfoam the material of choice because it was ideal for painting, it was lightweight, rigid and warp-resistant as well.

Fresh, Artists, Non, Profit, Childrens, Artwork, Painting, Mounted, On, Gatorfoam, Graphic, Display, BoardMounting

Mounted children’s artwork

When it came time to mount original artwork from children participants of a nonprofit organization called Fresh Artists, the industry standard was obviously the most dependable choice. The goal of Fresh Artists is to raise funds to pay for art supplies for underfunded public schools through contributions in exchange for high-resolution reproductions of children’s artwork. Each piece of children’s original artwork is digitally printed and laminated onto 3/16- inch thick Gatorfoam graphic display board. The artwork ranges from small 30 inch by 40 inch pieces to large 6 feet by 9 feet installations. The children’s nonprofit gives back art supplies, but it also empowers children to bring about change in their communities and raise awareness about the need for art in childhood development.

FIT Display

The department staff at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York came up with an innovative solution using Gatorfoam for their many public exhibits. Where once they were using heavy, one-use fiberboard that was difficult to maneuver, they shifted onto a more sustainable, reusable approach. Gatorfoam graphic display board offered a heavy-duty, yet lightweight reusable display system that would promise to last up to five years or more. Other benefits of the reusable solution included easy storing, thickness to allow long pins, and easy maneuverability.

Model, Railroading, Gatorfoam, Graphic, Display, BoardModeling

Model railroading

Hobbyist, Dave Myers, knows a thing or two about working with Gatorfoam for modeling railroad. He is a former sign shop owner and is familiar with the material’s lightweight and durability. What began with a Lionel train set under the Christmas tree became a full-blown passion project for Myers. The Gatorfoam Myers uses for his train sets stands up to paint and stain application and machining without warping. The material is also ideal for cutting intricate shapes to create backdrops, streets, and driveways. Fellow model railroad enthusiasts tend to use heavier plywood or lighter-duty foam board until Myers weighs in on the benefits of Gatorfoam.

Vegas, Vic, Signage, On, Gatorfoam, Graphic, Display, BoardSignage / Visual Merchandising

Vegas Vic

One of Vegas’ most iconic signs, Vegas Vic, gets a makeover using various thicknesses of Gatorfoam. The project was part of a campaign by 3A Composites USA. Wide ranges of processes were used in the making of Vegas Vic including: digital printing, router cutting, vinyl application, airbrushing, and screen- printing. The 6-foot-4 board was finished with electroluminescent wire to bring the final piece to life. Gatorfoam offers great stiffness and a clean white surface for printing, while allowing a speedy production time and a high quality end product.

Monster Action Figure Display

A giant replica of the action-figure character, “Sully”, from the movie Monsters University was created using Gatorfoam graphic display board. The display mimicked an action-figure box in which visitors could enter from one side and stand next to their favorite Monsters Inc. character for a photo opportunity. The fabricators chose1/2-inch thick Gatorfoam graphic display board in Bright White and used a direct-print method with a die-cut digital cutter. They sourced Gatorfoam for the playful project because it is easy to work with, routes precisely, and prints well.

One artist in Columbus uses the material for its lightweight, flat, durable surface to pour wax onto, a process known as encaustic painting. Another painter uses the durable substrate board for an outside installation. Gatorfoam provides depth, thicknesses range from 3/16-inch to 2-inches, for mounting, special events, and visual merchandising. Finally, Gatorfoam proves to be the go-to material for a model railroad hobbyist. Since the material was first introduced in 1976, the uses have widely varied with impressive and innovative results.