Aluminum Composite House Created Within Industrial Workspace


57df7b69bb3e47af3f381b06342e8471_f466German interior design experts, Designliga, built their studio out of an industrial metal workshop in Munich, sharing the space with their partner in Web development, Form & Code.

The space, Halle A, sits next to Munich’s enormous power station, and is more like a small village than a workspace. The designers talked to each of their employees to make sure that individual preferences were accommodated before construction. Initially this large industrial space with 10m-high ceilings was cold to say the least, but it is now a community.

Due to the buildings shear size, Designliga came up with a brilliant plan to construct two house-like structures within its interior. According to Christina Koepf, head of interior architecture and design at Designliga, “The space is so big that you don’t really understand that you’re inside a building, so we thought ‘why not build things within?’”

The smaller of the two interior dwellings, “Gold House,” is clad in brass Dibond aluminum composite panels. Dibond is an optimal material for interior applications due to its light-weight and durability. Although, Dibond is often seen as a signage material, it has the ability to be used in both interior and exterior design applications as well.

The use of residential design within a large industrial space instantly creates a sense of warmth. Along with the other house-like structure, “White House,” the two buildings within buildings form what the employees call the “The Village Square.”

Further creating this sense of community and warmth, the designers installed a park bench, a street lamp, an open library, and an actual kitchen with a stove where employees take turns cooking for each other.

Designliga took a harsh metal workshop and transformed it into a small city where employee ride their bikes through the buildings large metal doors right into their ‘Village Square.’

Information courtesy of OnOffice Magazine

Images courtesy of © Designliga