Arizona Print Shop Makes Custom Halloween Decor Easy With Gatorfoam Board

Artisan HD, Gatorfoam, Gatorboard, Halloween Decorations
The team at ArtisanHD in Scottsdale, Arizona are continuously looking for ways to captivate their audience. From photography printing tutorials to at-home wall mounting, the team seeks to provide inspiration for any occasion. For Halloween, the team showcased the ease of creating and printing custom decorations on heavy-duty Gatorfoam board for spooktacular holiday decor.

Artisan HD, Gatorfoam, Gatorboard, Halloween DecorationsThe team describes, “One of the most durable and inexpensive ways to display your photos is to print to Gatorboard. Gatorboard is the industry’s leading heavy-duty foam board. It is extremely long lasting and reusable.”

Gatorboard, or Gatorfoam, helps Artisan create custom decorations from scalable vector graphic files. In the past, the team has created bats, spiders, skulls and coffins, utilizing black-cored Gatorfoam cut with a simple jig-saw.

Artisan HD, Gatorfoam, Gatorboard, Halloween DecorationsArtisan further explains, “These 3/16” Gatorfoam prints will certainly be tougher than your basic Stryofoam tombstones—with just a little TLC, your custom yard art will last you for several spooky seasons of Trick or Treating.”

Sent directly to a customer’s door, the Gatorboard prints can be used as is or can be cut by the customer using a jig-saw. The ease of use makes Gatorfoam the perfect substrate for professional and at-home use.
Gatorfoam is made in the US and is the industry’s leading, one-of-a-kind high performance foam board for more than 30 years. It is comprised of extruded polystyrene foam bonded between two layers of wood-fiber veneer.

information and photography courtesy of ArtisanHD