Arizona Sign Experts Discuss The Critical Importance Of Lobby Signage For Businesses

Paradigm Direct, Spotlight Signs, Arizona, Lobby Signage, Black GatorfoamIn an article by Gilbert, Arizona sign experts, Spotlight Signs, the company highlights the importance of lobby signage. Their piece focuses on the critical importance of signage as a company’s initial impression. They quote, “…the lobby is the first chamber a person will experience, it is the first chance to form an impression. A high quality lobby sign can dramatically enhance the perceived quality and professionalism of any business.”

Noting critical statistics to showcase the value of business signage, Spotlight quotes data from the University of Cincinnati who surveyed 100,000 Americans about how signage influences business decisions. One of those statistics of note includes, “75% of respondents agreed that one of the first things they notice about a new or unfamiliar business is the signage.”

Spotlight further describes, “When one enters a lobby, they are often times personally experiencing a business for the first time. At this critical moment, they look to the sign—what does it tell them? Lobby signs can communicate a variety of impressions, from fun to innovative to classy to elegant.”

Paradigm Direct, Spotlight Signs, Arizona, Lobby Signage, Black GatorfoamSignage is a visual representation of a brand; it has the ability to portray a brand’s identity at a glance. Paradigm Direct approached Spotlight for their lobby signage at their Scottsdale office. Paradigm Direct is an Arizona-based company with two decades of experience helping entrepreneurs. Over that 20 years, the team has helped hundreds of thousands of businesses achieve growth. The company was seeking signage that showcased their identity and reputation to future clients.

Spotlight describes, “The lobby sign we fabricated and installed for them features their name and bright, multi-colored logo. In order to achieve a sleek, 3D look, we used black Gatorfoam. For the letter portion of the sign, we laminated the Gatorfoam with brushed silver laminate, giving it a metallic looking finish. For the logo, we printed the design on vinyl and applied this to the Gatorfoam. The result is sleek, durable, and cost-effective.”

Gatorfoam has been the trusted brand leader of heavy-duty foam substrates for the past 30 years. The material is scratch and dent resistant, featuring extruded polystyrene foam board bonded between two layers of wood-fiber veneer. Its ease of fabrication allows it to remain the premiere interior signage choice.

information and photography courtesy of Spotlight Signs and Imaging Solutions