Arizona Sign Specialists Create Adaptable Framing Solution Using Gatorfoam Board

Bluemedia, Tempe, Arizona, Gatorfoam Display, 3A Composites USA, Big PictureBluemedia of Tempe, Arizona are experts in fabricating signage materials for the worlds biggest brands. The team fabricates and installs large-scale wall graphics and signage for events, retailers and even small businesses. In the past few years the team has seen increased commissions on interior décor for offices and non-public spaces, motivating the company to create new and impressive signage solutions.

The team at bluemedia explains, “We wanted to find a way to introduce the graphics with a nice, finished appearance without being a standard framed print on the wall. Plus make it an easy install anywhere the client desired, without being invasive to the building, as well as simple to update should the theme in the room change.”

Bluemedia, Tempe, Arizona, Gatorfoam Display, 3A Composites USA, Big PictureCreating an adaptable solution took time but the team developed a method of “floating” prints that could be used across markets to include temporary and public environments such as stadium signage. The solution would create a three-dimensional effect by utilizing Gatorfoam board with a custom museum-mount/French-cleat.

Bluemedia further explains, “We’re now able to place an image off the wall about an inch, and, with the help of the shadows it usually casts, give the impression that it’s floating just in front of the wall.”

In testing their solution they created a graphic for themselves to house within their office interior. The image is of a custom truck wrap the team completed for seven-time AMA Supercross champion Jeremy McGrath and totaled 4.5 x 2.5 feet.

Bluemedia, Tempe, Arizona, Gatorfoam Display, 3A Composites USA, Big PictureThe team opted for a vinyl decal versus digital printing for a variety of reasons. The vinyl allowed for the image to be stretched covering the board’s exposed edges, and the decal produces added protection by laminating the print. The image was processed through their internal Onyx Thrive RIP software before being sent to the HP Designjet L65500 latex printer. This printer produces high-resolution, allowing the image to be viewed up close.

After the print was ready, the Gatorfoam board was cut using a panel saw and set aside in a dust-free work area to be cleaned with a tack-cloth. The care taken to ensure the Gatorfoam material is clean prior to decal installation ensures a smooth surface or bumps in the vinyl.

Bluemedia, Tempe, Arizona, Gatorfoam Display, 3A Composites USA, Big PictureAfter the print was applied and adhered to the board, the team describes, “We custom-cut cleats here by taking a piece of Gatorfoam up to 1-inch thick (or as desired) and cutting it in half with a table saw at a 45-degree angle. Two pieces formed the hanging bracket, and a third piece was cut for the bottom to keep the print hanging parallel to the wall. We applied double-sided tape and silicone to the pieces being installed to the board; the tape held them in place while the adhesive dried.”

all information and photography courtesy of bluemedia via Big Picture