Art Installation Replaces Ugly Wall On A London High Street

b92cf33a3a6cc831a33f75a38e93eb81_f607Across from Waitrose Car Park on Balham High Street in London is what locals call the “Ugly Wall.” In an attempt to “enliven the streetscape” an artistic motif was proposed to be placed on the wall in a three-year art installation. The artist, Tod Hanson, used a series of architectural motifs as his creative approach. The work depicts the historical identity of Balham in an eye-catching visual display.

The art was printed on Dibond aluminum composite material chosen for its durable and longevity as the installation will be up for three years, enduring the elements of the wet British climate.

Hanson worked with architects Metropolitan Workshop, and was commissioned by Wandsworth Council and Balham Partnership through Modus Operandi.



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