Artist Creates Incredible Hyper-Realistic Oil Painting On Dibond

2ca33e70bd2a41ac2f92bf74c865c5ca_f496Dibond aluminum composite panels are often used for direct printing artistic works and are becoming increasing popular as a painting substrate. Artists are often looking for a stiff material for their painting projects, and Dibond is known for its durability.

Aaron Nagel is a figurative oil painter from California who specializes in realistic portraits. His works, often provocative in nature, feature a raw and exquisite painting style utilizing a hyper realistic form.

Nagel has used several different substrates for his works including panels, plastic, and canvas. Recently the artist discovered Dibond as a potential substrate. Utilizing the material in a small experimental study, he quotes Dibond as the “plastic metal of the future.”

We wish the artist much success and hope he continues to expand his use of diverse materials in the future.

Disclaimer: The artist’s work could be seen as risqué to some audiences, viewer discretion is advised.

All images courtesy of © Aaron Nagel

NOTE: Some surface preparation is required before painting Dibond to remove any surface contaminates such as oils or dust. The substrate should be cleaned with 70% isopropyl alcohol, using a non-colored cloth. It is important not to use paint thinners or soaps as they may leave a film residue, which can affect adhesion. For more information regarding painting Dibond material including suitable paints, adhesion testing and drying download our Fabrication Manual.