Artist Creates Photography Series Of Wild Horses On The Eiffel Tower


e5ce9353f882c3ea5cfcc7cd0d5f5fba_f632Multimedia artist, Paola Pivi, creates dream-like artworks. Her photography series’ feature animals in surreal environments, donkeys in boats, zebras in snow, and her latest series showcases horses on the Eiffel Tower.

In her ninth exhibit, “Yee-Haw” portrays purebred horses frolicking through one of the world’s most historic landmarks. The photographs, captured by Hugo Glendinning, display a mythology expected in Pivi’s works. The power of the images is depicted in the animals’ strength, capturing their movement against the dark steel background.

The surreal context of her imagery forces the belief that the photography is doctored; when in fact the artist brought four horses to the Eiffel Tower for the series.

The exhibit, at Paris’ Galerie Perrotin, features her digitally printed photographs mounted on Dibond and Diasec.

Photography courtesy of Paola Pivi, Hugo Glendinning and Galerie Perrotin