Artist Creates Uncategorized Exhibition Capturing Memorable Moments of Hip Hop Culture


Chi Modu is a Nigerian-born artist whose photography has gained global recognition. Given the opportunity at a young age to stay in the states, while his parents remained in Nigeria, he was given a unique sense of independence and self-awareness early on. After his college career at Rutgers, he got a job at The Source, which was the definitive magazine for hip-hop culture at the time.

49d3f4ec79a7d8cdd7966620848f34b2_f620Interestingly he had the opportunity to meet with some of the founders of hip-hop culture, in their early days before profound fame. He met with these musicians and took candid photographs of Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls (The Notorious BIG), Snoop Dogg and Method Man. He formed relationships with these figures, which is evident in his unique perspectives, capturing these individuals as human beings not celebrities.

His installation, Uncategorized, features massive digitally printed photographs on Dibond aluminum composite material. His works were spread out through New York in SoHo, Brooklyn and Manhattan with the main exhibit in the Pori Art Museum in Finland.

The artist explains his exhibit stating, “People always want to put art and artists into neat little boxes. My work does not fit into any one stereotype and neither do I. I wanted to create something that is the opposite of putting labels on everything and make a statement against stereotyping in general. I don’t see this as just an exhibit. I want to start a movement.”

all photography and information courtesy of ©Chi Modu Photography