Artist Creates Vibrant Series With The Help of UK Print Specialists And Gold Dibond ACM

Chila Kumari Burman India Illuminated, Direct to Media UV Prints Gold Dibond
Artist Chila Kumari Burman has been active in the artistic community since the mid-1980s. Her works explore the concept of femininity as it relates specifically to Asian women, breaking down typical stereotypes through her artistic expression.

Chila Kumari Burman India Illuminated, Direct to Media UV Prints Gold DibondBurman describes, “In my more recent works, this theme has taken on a new power and vibrancy. I am currently making a new body of work to draw all of these together and to develop the ideas and images contained in the new cultural contexts of national and international politics in the twenty-first century.”

In one of her recently completed works the representatives at the Science Museum explain, “Artist Chila Kumari Burman’s work challenges stereotypical assumptions of South Asia. We are proud to have commissioned her to create a series of artworks, collectively entitled India Illuminated! that represent her response to the objects and stories in Illuminating India: 5000 Years of Science and Innovation, currently on display at the entrance of the exhibition.”

Chila Kumari Burman India Illuminated, Direct to Media UV Prints Gold DibondBurman’s India Illuminated! series features 29 Direct to Media UV prints on gold Dibond aluminum composite material by Genesis Imaging. The exhibition is part of a series of events marking the UK-India Year of Culture 2017, which celebrates the cultural history and long-standing relationship of the two countries. The exhibit showcases, “…the stories of Indian innovators and thinkers who have often been overlooked or written out of Western narratives,” describes the print specialists at Genesis Imaging.

Genesis Imaging has spent the last two decades collaborating with members of the artistic community from photographers to architects. Their expertise includes the production of high-quality photographic prints utilizing the latest technological advancements available.

Dibond aluminum composite material is often specified for photographic prints. The superior surface protects both digital and screen-printed graphics. Unlike other substrates, Dibond will not bow, making it excellent for digital printing as well as mounting.

information courtesy of Genesis Imaging, Science Museum and Chila Burman
Photography courtesy of Genesis Imaging