Artist Designs Visually Stunning Illustrated Collage On Dibond ACM


Visual artist Stefan Venbroek created this beautiful illustrated collage for the Radiotherapy Institute in Arnhem (ARTI) in the Netherlands. The artwork was intended to showcase the building’s natural surroundings and also feature the names of the hospital’s various departments, which are named after animals.
As a result Venbroek combined drawings, paintings and photographs in Photoshop to create a unique and colorful collage. The illustration is an Epson Fine Art Print on Dibond, finished with an epoxy resin.


Large format digital printing on flatbed printers has excellent application for the substrate. Although the substrate
is available in a wide range of colors that all demonstrate excellent ink adhesion, the predominant substrate color is
white when direct digital printing. However, colored variations of the substrate may provide vibrant color contrasts
depending upon the availability of a white print head on the printer.

1. Surface Preparation
a. Surface should be cleaned and free of any surface contaminates (i.e. oils, dust particles, etc.) prior to
b. The substrate should be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol, using a non-colored cloth for best results. It is important
not to use thinners or soaps as they may leave a film residue which can affect adhesion. Additionally, cleaners
containing silicone can interfere with adhesion and are not recommended.

2. Suitable Inks
a. Actual ink type depends upon the printer make and model. Consult the printer owner’s manual for
recommendations. Trialing for ink compatibility is always recommended.
b. The substrate readily accepts all types of inks including:
i. Aqueous
ii. Solvent-Based
iii. UV-curable