Artist Uses Dibond In Unusual Ways For Abstract Glitch Art Installation

Justin, Hibbs, 3A, Composites, Dibond
British artist, Justin Hibbs, transforms influences from the modern, digital world into abstract art using Dibond. His collection, once held at the London gallery Carroll/Fletcher, included sculptures, paintings and site-specific installations. Expanding on the modern world, Hibbs experiments with technological glitches we face everyday and gives them architectural forms.

His geometric, sculptures bend and fold into abstract landscapes. Mirrored Dibond on display in the staircase reflects distorted angles and images. The intention is for the visitor to reevaluate their surroundings.

Justin, Hibbs, 3A, Composites, Dibond

The imperfections found in Hibbs work are representative of the corruption of the ideal of technology. The smooth lines and reflective qualities of his pieces offer a sense of poetic beauty to this digital immersive reality. The artist makes a calculated decision to use pinstriping in an unconventional way. He paints on woven linen to create a rhythmic scene of imperfect lines.

Each piece is a mixture of synthesis, repetition, layering, glitch, and interval, which are both digital and analogue. These elements inform the compositional structure of each painting and sculpture. Further reacting to technology, Hibbs breaks down the structure of electronic music production and automobile customization and distills the process into unique displays of acute angles and lines.

Justin, Hibbs, 3A, Composites, Dibond

Complimenting the complex silhouettes of the Dibond sculpture is a musical piece by musician, Ben Lancaster. The song acts as a bridge between the process the pieces go through, and their connection to electronic music. Lancaster’s music parallels the art with intentional glitches fed in to mimic switches and settings on a sound synthesizer. The static sound of a record needle, crackle and pop sounds are created to echo Hibbs overall glitch aesthetic. Lancaster’s ruptured music influences Hibbs and Hibbs work influences the musician in a feedback loop. The artist’s work is meant to display as a cohesive collection that is representative of the aural and the physical.

information and photography courtesy of The Creators Project