Artist Further Transforms Her Abstract Pieces With Unique Mixture Of Dibond, Acrylic And Wood

Tranquility, Emily Randolph
‘Tranquility’ by Emily M. Randolph Fine Art

Mixed-media artist Emily Randolph is inspired by nature. Flowers, dewdrops and seascapes influence her colorful works as she experiments with new processes in her collections.

Randolph describes her new collection explaining, “With my new collection of mixed-media sculptures, I am incorporating router-cut photography on Dibond and acrylic with painted wooden panels. I love using shapes of my photography, and giving them beautiful backdrops literally and visually grounds them.”

Emergence Elation, Emily Randolph
‘Emergence & Elation’ by Emily M. Randolph Fine Art

Her new collection features six pieces that combine abstract photography and abstract backdrops. Not wanting to plainly produce photographs her works elevate the medium as she explains, “Ever since the beginning of my art career, I have always wanted to be hands-on, not simply a photographer, as much as I enjoy composing pieces. By touching and working a piece, I feel more connected to it.”

Patience Persistence, Emily Randolph
‘Patience & Persistence’ by Emily M. Randolph Fine Art

With the use of multiple mediums, a great deal of preparation goes into the design process. The logistics vary depending on the weight of the piece, specifically when Dibond aluminum composite is involved. For the new collection of indoor pieces, Randolph further explains, “Depending on the weight of the Dibond, the pieces are either mounted and glued or simply glued using architectural and construction grade adhesive.”

‘Ascension’ by Emily M. Randolph Fine Art

The pieces in the new collection utilize a wooden panel backing that transforms them by providing an even more indigenous backdrop. Randolph is continuously experimenting with materials to further heighten her art. She explains the infectious process of experimentation, “It forces me to learn and expand and grow. I can’t wait to go to my studio every day. I never know what I will learn or discover.”

information and photography courtesy of ©Emily Randolph