Ashland Local Church Displays Modern Design with Dibond® Aluminum Composite

Exterior A-Frame Dibond® Display

The Story Ashland is a modern church in Ashland, Oregon that focuses on bringing the community and local youth together through Sunday gatherings, local chapters and biblical teachings. They take a progressive approach to spreading their message, and have gained a following by providing a place outside the church to promote religious discovery and empowerment. The vitality and atmosphere of the church is apparent through their use of design. The Story Ashland develops their designs in-house and outsources to the Signs Now Medford for fabrication.

Exterior Dibond® Signage

Local sign company, Signs Now Medford is responsible for the development of the White and Black Dibond® Aluminum Composite display set, as well as exterior Dibond® signage.

Signs Now Medford explains, “The reason we chose Dibond® was because the signs were going outside and Dibond® does an excellent job of standing it’s ground against the Oregon sun, rain and snow.”

Rob Tramonte, Signs Now Medford

All of the signs were printed on vinyl and laid on Dibond®. The black and white Dibond® set was then placed inside A-Frame displays, and the exterior Dibond® signage was installed into the brick façade.

The Story Ashland has attested to the quality of the projects, exclaiming, “We really love the quality of their work and we have loved building a friendship with them over the past year! They are such amazing people and have been nothing but great to work with!”

Signs Now Medford executes projects for the Ashland, Phoenix, Talent, Medford, Central Point, Eagle Point, and Grants Pass areas of Oregon.

The use of visual communication provides businesses like The Story Ashland the ability to connect with existing and prospective individuals to join their cause and advocate their brand.

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Credits: Photographs and Information Courtesy of The Story Ashland and Signs Now Medford