Beautiful Japanese Art Exhibition Uses ACM Substrates


Hiroji Kubota is one of Magnum Photo and Japan’s leading photographers. His life’s works focus on a plethora of themes from documenting Asia’s diverse culture to American history.

Producing panoramic photographs of cityscapes, landscapes and daily life in Japan, the pieces for this exhibition took four years to compile. The photo exhibit ‘Japan’ was created by Standard8; a UK specialist in environmental graphics, showrooms, signage, displays, window installations and exhibitions.

The plinths used in the exhibition required on-site customization, where they were leveled, and then taken back to the company’s workshop to be fabricated before final site delivery.

According to Standard8, “The end panels were made of toughened glass, while the images were printed on vinyl media bonded to a Dibond aluminum composite substrate and sealed with a UV resistant weatherproof laminate.”

Dibond ACM is light, durable and rigid. It is dimensionally stable and can be used in both freestanding structures, as well as framework systems. Its lightweight provides advantages for transport, handling and installation.

The end result of this project, along with the complementary use of glass and vinyl, creates the perfect substrate for such captivating photographs.