Contributing to a Sustainable Future in Graphics Display – The Launch of Dispa®

A Recyclable Rigid Substrate.

Graphics, displays and signage are a vast part of visual communication in our environments and therefore place a significant impact on sustainability practices. They enable our day to day communications in grocery stores, retail shops, homes, schools, and way-finding systems. With such a large reach, society has come to expect and place its trust in organizations to ensure the public’s safety and behave responsibly and sustainably.

Dispa® POP Display

The industry has transformed in the ways that manufacturers, suppliers and designers use sustainable practices in the creation of graphics, displays and signage worldwide. The challenge for environmentally friendly design is attributed to the origin of the materials in use. Focusing on recycled content and sustainable certifications can help businesses maintain the customer’s expectations of sustainability. At 3A Composites USA, the commitment to sustainability is apparent in our guiding principles of conservation, waste minimization and preservation. Today, our product life cycles not only start with sustainable practices but seek to promote sustainability post-use.

3A Composites USA is contributing to the ability of businesses to fulfill their promises of sustainability, health and human values by offering a rigid display board that is 100% paper and 100% recyclable.

The introduction of DISPA® is an active contribution to sustainable rigid substrates that provide high-quality print results. Made with a unique structure of embossed formed paper, DISPA® is strong, rigid, sustainable and printable. DISPA® is also made of 100% FSC®-Certified paper (FSC®-C169891). The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) label builds on a consistently reliable process.

DISPA® offers a combination of beneficial properties while remaining 100% ecological.

  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for short term promotional campaigns
  • Bright white and smooth surface – no distracting flute marks
  • Strong, rigid and stable
  • Processing is fast, efficient and easy
  • Compatible for print (digital and screen printing), lamination and CNC and die cutting

Organizations like the FSC® are working to build the credibility of manufacturer’s sustainability claims, and not only for the graphic display industry. As stated by the FSC®, “People trying to make responsible purchases put their trust in the brands they choose. At FSC® we understand this, which is why we have created the world’s most comprehensive and rigorous certification system.” Society has also raised its expectations of transparency. Researching the manufacturers of the materials you supply or use is imperative when maintaining your claims of sustainability. You not only have a responsibility in the products life-cycle end, but holding manufacturers to their word in going green from the start.

3A Composites USA manufacturing facilities go hand in hand with our efforts to supply sustainable material. Our product lines, including FOME-COR®, SINTRA®, GATOR®, and DIBOND®, are manufactured in facilities in Benton, KY; Statesville, NC; and Glasgow, KY, and all focus on reusing and recycling material in the process. 3A Composites USA targets its sustainability practices with the continuous improvement of our water and energy efficiencies and conservation, product recycling, emissions and hazardous substances. To learn more about our sustainable practices, visit

Meeting our consumers’ expectations starts with aligning our manufacturers, suppliers and designers mentalities of sustainability, and promoting the transparency of our processes and practices. FSC®-Certification is tangible and advantageous across industries, whether in construction, retail, packaging and paper and publishing. You can learn further about FSC®-Certification for your business here.

3A Composites USA understands the need for ecological and sustainable materials. The introduction of DISPA® in the U.S. Market* reinforces the graphics, display and signage industry to make decisions that meet the expectations for a more sustainable future.

*DISPA® will be coming to the U.S. market in 2019.

FSC® Information courtesy of FSC United States and FSC International.  Photography provided by 3A Composites Europe.