Designers Create Folded Table Using One Square Meter Of Dibond ACM


Dibond is often chosen for exterior signage due the product’s weather resistant properties. Interestingly, this feature has allowed for the material’s expansion into the exterior furniture market.

Dunger Design in Germany created a striking table design called One Square, named as such for using one square meter of Dibond aluminum composite material. The designers were inspired by pop-up books; the ability of a seemingly two-dimensional object to have three-dimensional surfaces.

In addition to Dibond’s durability and weatherability properties, the material was selected for its printing properties as the designers envisioned each object having the potential for customization with graphics, photos or text.

The designers note that the most striking feature of the project is its “autonomous structure manner” with its ability to be folded without outside tools, making prefabrication, transportation and storage uncomplicated.

According to the designers, “The rectangular basic shape of a square…can be realized at a low cost…there is no residual material which remains unused.”

The One Square table is a joint project with product designer Florian Meier.