Dibond Hoarding For BBC Television Center Redevelopment Project

bbc television center, building wrap, Service Graphics, DibondLondon-based sign company, Service Graphics, has been in the business for 50 years. It’s in their DNA to create visually stunning communication for companies in need of their expertise. One such company responsible for site branding, DN&Co for Stanhope plc, hired Service Graphics for a large hoarding installation. For the mammoth project of the old BBC Television Center, over 300 feet of black satin Dibond was sourced.

Dibond hoarding served to conceal the temporary construction site for the UK-based BBC Television Center. BBC’s former headquarters was undergoing a transformation into 950 residential units in White City, London; a redevelopment project dear to prospective London homeowners who are familiar with the BBC news station. The architects, Norman and Dawbarn, originally designed the Television Center according to BBC News. When viewed from the air the structure is shaped like a question mark.

bbc television center, building wrap, Service Graphics, DibondThe Dibond hoarding takes on a sophisticated, futuristic appeal with an acrylic diffuser LED lighting strip partitioning the signage. The LED lighting glows at night against the matte black aluminum composite substrate, creating a simple and effective evening feature. Also glowing at night is a front-lit PVC banner that took 19 panels and over two weeks to complete. It is part of a complete branding project by Service Graphics. The branding agency in charge of the project, oversaw the design process to ensure a seamless exterior branding look.

bbc television center, building wrap, Service Graphics, DibondAs of November 2015, 180 homes had been sold to UK buyers, but the flats will not be ready for move in until the end of 2017. A one-bedroom flat in the BBC Television Center starts at just under a million dollars, further driving the expensive housing market in London.

Dibond is a rigid substrate used in hoarding installations where large construction sites reside over the life of the construction process. The flat material holds up to harsh climatic conditions, can be directly printed on, and can prove to be an appealing solution for a long-term building project. The signage, visible to passersby, serves to promote brand awareness and conceal the area while under construction.