Dibond Proves To Be Best Printing Substrate For Scottsdale Artist

Emergent, Artist, Linda, Enger, Scottsdale, Dibond, Aluminum, Composite, Linda, Enger, PhotoLinda Enger is a photographer, artist, and garden enthusiast living in Scottsdale, Arizona. Her latest work on display in Scottsdale is a printed photograph on white Dibond Aluminum Composite of a “tabletop” arrangement containing turquoise polished stones and a mini golden barrel cactus. The piece is a culmination of the artist’s passions and talents.

The commissioned work gave the artist an opportunity to try a focus stacking technique with rented equipment. The final image contained a total of nine shots and demanded extensive post-production using a program specifically for enhancing depth-of-field; Helicon. The technique is often used in macrophotography, a term referring to producing small images larger than life size.

The final photograph underwent a meticulous process of compressing images and calibrating colors for CMYK direct printing. The opposing colors ranged from reds and corals to greens and blues and created challenges for printing. The artist even claims to have worn sunglasses while viewing the image on the monitors – the bright coral, orange, and reds were so intense. Enger goes on to proclaim, “…and yet I kept having to add more and more vibrance and saturation to get the image to look the way I wanted it to on Dibond, to “sing” as I intended!”

Emergent, Artist, Linda, Enger, Scottsdale, Dibond, Aluminum, Composite, Linda, Enger, PhotoBefore the final piece was ready, the image went through four test prints, examination in all different lighting, and color tweaking. The Dibond aluminum composite material was credited for allowing the print tests to be printed on two sides and saving the artist money in the process.

Dibond was also specified for its weather durability to stand up to the harsh Scottsdale, Arizona sun. The final piece was printed on a 60” x 96” sheet of white Dibond and mounted with stainless steel stand-offs. Dibond is also incredibly durable for mounting.

The project was part of a Scottsdale Public Art initiative and is a temporary art installation on display through fall 2016. Dibond also provides UV protection, ensuring the image doesn’t fade in the outdoor application. The image titled, “Emergent”, can be admired from afar, but is best viewed in close proximity.

information courtesy of Artisan HD
photography courtesy of © Linda Enger