The Effectiveness Of Dibond ACM As A Painting Substrate For Artists

6432181edc871d6f50b10820c62a14ee_f496Cut Plastic Sheeting, a UK Dibond distributor, recently completed a blog post about the effectiveness of Dibond as a painting substrate. The author states that Dibond’s increased popularity as painting substrate is due to, “…not only for its stiffness, but also due to its supreme smoothness and the superb results of its graphic finish.”

As we at 3A have examined as well, Dibond is not a widely used material in the art community as a painting substrate, it is however predominantly used in this market as a printing substrate. Only recently has its popularity to use as a painting substrate has risen.

Cut Plastic Sheeting examines the works of the figurative, California-based artist Aaron Nagel and his experimentation on Dibond for his oil painting, quoting the material as the “plastic metal of the future.” 3A has also examined this artist in a previous post found here.

cf9266d335739f6d66eb1566c9a113fa_f665Scottish landscape artist, Scott Naismith, states in the article that the thin aluminum sheet allows very little paint to be used, as it has no absorption properties like a canvas material. He states, “…when primed with a matte, glossy or mirrored finish, it retains a smooth slick final result.”

We appreciate Cut Plastic Sheeting’s examination of Dibond a painting substrate and for the fantastic works featured by their customers.

“All of these fantastic works of art were all created from Dibond boards ordered from Cut Plastic Sheeting. Each has been sent in a size and thickness exactly to the customer’s specifications, upon which they have carefully applied their artistic skill and imagination with mind-blowing results.”

NOTE: Some surface preparation is required before painting Dibond to remove any surface contaminates such as oils or dust. The substrate should be cleaned with 70% isopropyl alcohol, using a non-colored cloth. It is important not to use paint thinners or soaps as they may leave a film residue, which can affect adhesion. For more information regarding painting Dibond material including suitable paints, adhesion testing and drying download our Fabrication Manual.