European Design Firm Creates Innovative Foldable Dibond Furniture Line


b63e1fdde9f5aec2975c8fad287c12f9_f544The original “trek” furniture series was made using wood. Looking to explore new materials that were easier to manufacture, lighter and could produce a more stable end product, Swedish design firm, design-factory GmbH, stumbled upon Dibond aluminum composite.

Design-Factory GmbH originally specialized in graphic design but expanded their expertise to include furniture, product design and displays.

According to designer Sven Bosshard, “Our wood based concepts required a lot of space when shipping, resulting in unnecessary additional transport cost as well as packaging material that harms the environment.”

During their material exploration they looked at various materials including acrylic, steel and aluminum, before discovering Dibond. They describe Dibond as a “hybrid material combination” because it is comprised of two pre-painted sheets of aluminum with a solid polyethylene core.

3483fb106279d2fa7ab88631d3c5fb27_f548The “stealth trek” foldable stool series was inspired by stealth aircrafts, which are slim, edgy and aerodynamic. Stealth crafts also have a lightweight appearance when viewed in the sky, as at different angles the planes become virtually invisible. These characteristics are seen in the furniture design with the use of a lightweight, thin metal material and dramatic angles.

The designers chose silver and black Dibond ACM for the series, which serves as a contrasting element in the product’s finished design. Bosshard states that Dibond was chosen for its lightweight, stability and simplicity of handling.

The stool line is completely customizable with the ability to request custom versions, in which other color combinations and laser imprinting are options.

All information and photography courtesy of the design team at © design-factory gmbh