Free-Standing Displays Made Using Interchangeable Dibond Aluminum Boards

Allonby, Cumbrian, Dibond Displays, Spiral Colour, Parker Design
In another collaborative project between the branding specialists at Parker Design and the sign experts at Spiral Colour, the team created a series of outdoor displays for a development on the beach at Allonby, Cumbia. The team at Parker was looking for a way to communicate an upcoming development project with stakeholders, so they sought the expertise of Spiral Colour to create the informative exterior series.

Allonby, Cumbrian, Dibond Displays, Spiral Colour, Parker DesignThe representatives at Spiral explained, “Allonby is a village on the Cumbrian coastline which attracts a large number of visitors from outside of the area. This meant that other methods of communicating with stakeholders (such as mail-drops) would be inefficient.”

The team agreed upon a series of exterior displays that would be informative on the project’s development and also could withstand the high winds the beach is accustomed to.

Spiral installed a series of mesh banners and outdoor information stands. The mesh banners were a thoughtful alternative to printed PVC banners that would most likely not withstand the wind. The mesh banners allowed wind to flow through them and contained large printed messages to ensure visibility.

Allonby, Cumbrian, Dibond Displays, Spiral Colour, Parker DesignThe outdoor information stands were produced by Spiral using Dibond aluminum composite panels. The representatives at Spiral describe, “The creation of the external information stands would allow accessibility of information to people walking on the beach, where they would get more information on the project and be kept up to date on the latest progress.”

The designs for the stands were provided by Parker Design and made into free-standing displays. Spiral further describes, “In order to create a free-standing information point [we] designed and manufactured wooden lecterns in-house to house the Dibond boards. Additionally, to keep the latest information available to the public, we installed A4 lockable clips to allow the boards to be interchangeable.”

The stands will have continuous use after the development is complete in the local council where they will contain tourist information at various points. Spiral concludes, “This shows the durability of these stands, but also acts as a marker of the high standard of Spiral Colour’s work.”

Information and photography courtesy of Spiral Colour