French Designer Creates Unique Lampshades With Dibond ACM

399ff3cc12966bae6f975b87f7a4459e_f508Dibond’s lightweight and durability allow the material to be used across markets to include signage, displays, exhibitions, interior design and lighting. As previously posted, Dibond’s use as a furniture substrate is becoming more prominent.

Unlike the typical lampshade that’s usually round in appearance, French designer and architect Philippe Macaigne’s reinterpretation includes a uniquely rectangular design.

Distinct from standard metal, Dibond’s polyethylene core allows the material to withstand temperatures of over 175˚. Macaigne’s Lamp-C versatile floor or ceiling lamps utilize this lightweight Dibond material to produce a very modern interpretation.

Macagine states, “…suspended it emits a very directive light underside and a soft mood light towards the ceiling. The rectangular shape allows the lamp to be put on all its sides.”

Images and information courtesy of Moco Loco