Graphic Display USA How To: Cutting Gator™ Products

2d30279ede63e34d208fab110fb52310_f452Gatorfoam® products are normally cut with equipment used in the woodworking industry. However, it may also be cut satisfactorily with hand tools or other specialty tools.

Two of the Gator™ products, Gatorplast® and Gatorblanks®, may be cut with thin hand-held or machine-held blades such as mat knives, razorblades, and utility knives. The blade must be sharp and positioned at a minimal angle (approx. 30 degrees) to prevent tearing of the foam core and reduce the amount of friction. The force required to cleanly cut through the material is dependent upon the sharpness of the cutting blade and the thickness of the board being cut. Commercially available mat or foam board cutters can provide straight, square and clean edges with one pass of the cutting blade.

Gator™ products that are made with the manmade wood veneer facers may be cut with standard table saws. They may also be cut with a band saw, scroll saw or router. Band saw blades should be thing with the finest teeth possible. Router bits should have as many wings as possible with positive rake hook angle and face shear for smooth, clean cuts.

Gatorblanks and Gatorplast may also be cut using hot wire cutters. Due to its versatility, the Cutawl Precision Power Tool, Model K-11 is good for irregular shapes. For specific cutting recommendations, the equipment manufacturer should be contacted.

Images courtesy of (c) 360 Signs, American Instant Signs, FASTSIGNS Culver City, Signs of Seattle