Graphic Display USA How To: Mounting on Dibond


20e5ff403d148804a2b832613a08ab02_f463This blog post discusses methods for using Dibond materials in mounting applications. These applications typically entail the attachment of some type of graphic to the Dibond surface. The graphic to be mounted may be printed on paper, foil, plastic or fabric provided the proper types of methods and adhesives are used.

Always follow the adhesive manufacturer’s instructions when mounting with adhesives. In general, use the minimum amount of adhesive necessary to attain the desired adhesion. Mounting can be accomplished on most standard equipment capable of applying adhesive and laminating sheets or roll stock to rigid boards.

There are a variety of methods used to mount a graphic to a substrate. However, only cold mounting methods should be used on Dibond. Cold mounting can utilize either a spray or pressure sensitive adhesive film in a non-heated vacuum press or roller laminator.

Vacuum mounting without heat can be done quite well on Dibond products. Spray adhesives and wet mounting techniques are suitable for the board’s painted surface. It is advisable to avoid using an excess amount of bonding agent.

Mounted Images Courtesy of © Imagey