Landale Signs Has People Looking Up…Way Up

In the first phase of a major, ongoing signage program for Agricore United, Landale Signs of Edmonton, Alberta, has installed one hundred large signs of Dibond® Material on inland grain terminals – 150 feet above ground. The 10’ x 24’ signs were screen printed in colors of blue and gold on 3mm white Dibond Material panels of aluminum composite material (ACM). Another 200 signs of 4’ x 8’ size and an additional 500 signs of various smaller sizes were installed on smaller structures, such as retail distribution centers. It was all part of a new corporate identity program when Agricore became Agricore United.

np411bb968c55b2“More than 30,000 sq. ft. of Dibond Material was used in this first phase,” said Darrell Brown of Landale Signs. “The client actually specified the product,” Brown said, “though we have used it on a regular basis for other projects.”

Selection of the material was due to a number of factors, he indicated, such as durability in the harsh Canadian environment. “Temperatures can range from 70 or 80 (°F) above to 40 and 50 (°F) below zero, with plenty of wind.” Light weight was desired for installation at the heights involved. Yet, rigidity was also needed due to the surface of the grain terminals. In some cases, older signs were taken down from an existing frame and backer, which were used for mounting the Dibond Material panels. Otherwise, a frame of 3″ steel tube was fabricated to hold special, exterior plywood and the Dibond Material panels were applied to that.

Signs were fabricated in the 20,000-sq.-ft. facility of Landale Signs, which is celebrating its 25th year in business. Installation was handled by two crews throughout Western Canada as far east as Winnipeg, Brown said, with one crew working the northern section while another worked the southern parts.