Life-Size Gatorfoam® Letters Beautifully Fabricated for Marketing of Higher Education App

Blue Painted Gatorfoam Lettering

Slate is an information management system for higher education admissions and advancements developed by Technolutions, Inc., featuring a robust set of functions and integrations. Technolutions is a leader in the higher education industry and hosts The Slate Innovation Summit every year, bringing together admissions counselors, operations staff, technical staff, directors and deans of admission, from varying Institutions. As a technological advancement, the app deserved a display fabricated with bold and purposeful design.

The Slate signage featured is used by Technolutions for trade shows and exhibitions, and was fabricated by InteriorTech Sign Company, a premier interior and exterior signage purveyor local to Philadelphia. Since their start in 1990 InteriorTech Sign Company has grown to serve national and international clients.

The sign was developed using two sheets of 2” Gatorfoam® and comes in at 46.625” high by 96” wide and 4” deep.

Ira Steingold, President of InteriorTech Sign Company describes the production of the Slate sign, stating, “We painted [the Gatorfoam®] matte blue and flattened the curved bottoms so that the client would be able to mount them to a 24” wide x 12’ long clear acrylic base with provided VHB tape. We chose to use Gatorfoam® because we needed a thick letter and the shipping cost would be lower than using other materials, both on our end of getting the sign to the client and the ease of the client to get the sign to various trade show exhibits.” 

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Credits: Photography and application information Courtesy of InteriorTech Sign Company.
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