Massive Dibond Display Featured In FIFA Guerilla Advertisement

Dibond aluminum composite material (ACM) is used in retail applications worldwide, from basic interior wayfinding or window display applications to large exterior signage applications.

To promote the 2006 FIFA World Cup, Adidas launched their +10 Impossible Team Campaign, which featured top athletes from around the world.

Global ad agency, TBWA, developed a massive outdoor display for Adidas on the road to and from the Munich airport featuring German goalkeeper, Oliver Kahn. After helping the German national team place third in the 2006 World Cup, he retired just two years later.

The Dibond display is mounted to a bridge over the roadway and was constructed by Kinetic World Wide. Dibond offers excellent durability in outdoor applications due to the polyester paint finish applied to both sides of the panel. It protects the ACM against abrasions and is formulated to withstand outdoor elements, as well as make the surface more ink receptive in regards to adhesion.

Breaking German advertising placement laws the display was considered “guerilla advertising.”

*photographer Joerg Reichardt