Online Retailers Cant Give Us What We Get Inside The Store

6adf3f32d4ce35d04939801f7874b007_f630Although consumer goods are sold online, and the online shopping experience is both easy and convenient, there is something about the experience of being within a retail store that you simply cannot get online. The tangibility of feeling, holding and smelling products is a major draw, forcing online retailers to open brick and mortars. Additionally, the way people feel within your store experience is a key consideration to purchasing decisions, which is why retail interior design is increasingly important.

Creativity can be displayed through a brand’s identity, which is translated into branding, signage, interior displays, and even store layout. Retail displays have the ability to effect purchasing decisions. And sometimes a subtle approach is the most effective.

Some of the most successful retailers have transitioned into contemporary design trends, such as using sustainable materials for retail displays, illustrative/artistic signage and an easily navigable floor plan that adds to customer comfort. In addition, creative displays serve as artistic showcases for brands.


Featured Project: Ted Baker footwear risers and branding blocks made from engraved and formed gold Dibond by PEP Retail

Today, large retailers are creating window displays that are more extravagant than ever, creating heavy foot traffic and a lasting impression. Whether their visual merchandising utilizes digital or three-dimensional lavish components, big retailers are leading the way.


Featured Project: Adidas Boost launch by Esudios Durero

*Materials used Pegasus, Dibond, vinyl, led lamps, canvas, grass, and methacrylate

In one of the most popular retail trends, pop up stores offer an innovative retail approach in a semi-permanent environment, creating buzz for a brand in addition to the ability to product test markets and potential locations.


Featured Project: Ice Festival at Liverpool One Shopping Center by Go Cre8

*Material used: frosted vinyl, PVC foam board, Dibond ACM, Correx

The overall goal of retail design in its current state is to provide customers with an experience that mobile and e-commerce channels cannot offer.