Photographer Commissions Print Experts To Transform Photo Into Massive Dibond Print

Andy Lara, Oversize Beach Print, ArtisanHD, Arizona, Dibond ACM
The print experts at ArtisanHD of Scottsdale, Arizona partnered with photographer Andy Lara for a large scale print that was “pleasantly challenging,” as Artisan describes. Andy Lara is a still photographer, videographer and Creative Director who in the past traveled the world photographing bands. His more recent experiences have been family based where he captures the journey of his adopted child for social media. Lara describes, “I also especially love nature and landscape photography. Living in Southern California I am immersed in the beauty around us and truly love organic elements.”

The beachscape photograph was provided by a family friend. She asked Lara to provide a higher MP image to produce an oversize print of the shot. Lara further explains, “It’s special to her, as it is a POV from a path she walks on a regular basis that opens up to a beautiful north facing view of Strands and Salt Creek Beach. You can see the gazebo lookout from the Ritz Carlton, Laguna Niguel on the right at the top of the cliff. A wonderful view to enjoy often.”

Andy Lara, Oversize Beach Print, ArtisanHD, Arizona, Dibond ACM

Lara commissioned ArtisanHD for the task of transforming the stunning coastal image into a extra large print. The experts at Artisan chose Dibond aluminum composite. Mike Goldner of ArtisanHD explains, “Andy’s shot of the ocean along the sand with staggered clouds and a jagged cliff really demanded an extra large format size print…We identified that putting the print on Dibond with ink jet was the best material for the process for that impressive size.”

Additionally challenging, Lara was determined to have a glossy effect on the print to further transform the image and create movement in the piece. For this, the artist found a local custom automotive paint shop that added a gloss clear-coat to the final print. Artisan further describes, “This really gave Andy the look he was after and an exceptional, custom piece of artwork for his home. And bonus—the glossy coat will also protect the print from the harsh Arizona sunlight.”

information and photography courtesy of © ArtisanHD