Renowned Artist Creates Masterful Oil On Dibond Paintings


0330d409f7f33f9fdc1692b8aeaa322d_f614Daughter of the famous “psychic realist” painter Rudolf Hausner, Xenia Hausner has gained world recognition since she became an exclusive painter in the early 1990’s.

Although she began her career in the 1970s as a stage designer, she began working exclusively as a painter in 1992. Her works have been theorized to have complex and sometimes ambiguous relationships depicted. The artist focuses on female narratives, empowering woman on a global scale.

Her works range from mixed-media collages to oil painting over large-format photographs. As with all art, there are clues and mysteries associated with the context of each piece. Her works contain a vivid color palette and unique brushstroke, one that will become recognizable when viewing her paintings.

After 2011 the artist also dabbled in large-scale installations and even a stained glass project in St. John’s Church in Germany.

Her featured works are oil on Dibond aluminum composite. All images and information courtesy of Xenia Hausner

NOTE: Some surface preparation is required before painting Dibond to remove any surface contaminates such as oils or dust. The substrate should be cleaned with 70% isopropyl alcohol, using a non-colored cloth. It is important not to use paint thinners or soaps as they may leave a film residue, which can affect adhesion. For more information regarding painting Dibond material including suitable paints, adhesion testing and drying download our Fabrication Manual.