Sign Solution Experts Design Unconventional Hoarding For Construction Site

Wallace Print, Golden Gates, Warrington, Dibond Hoarding
During a construction or renovation project, it can be challenging determining what, if any, temporary signage materials to utilize. For the renovation of the “prestigious” Golden Gates in Warrington, Cheshire, England, Wallace Print was commissioned to provide a temporary signage solution. The team describes, “To carry out the renovation, they were left with a rather large void to fill. Rather than leave the empty site bare for onlookers, it was decided to create a full-size replica in its place.”

Wallace Print, Golden Gates, Warrington, Dibond HoardingThe resulting structure is over 33 feet high and 66 feet wide with digitally printed graphics on all sides, providing a unique alternative to hoarding design which usually envelopes a construction site and is not three-dimensional in nature.

The team explains, “3mm Dibond panels were UV digital direct-to-surface printed on our Swiss Q Impala and laminated with an anti-graffiti coating before being carefully cut on our Konsberg X44 router. Careful planning was required to make sure the graphic panels would work with the four-sided wooden structure erected in the place where the gates once stood.”

The Golden Gates in Warrington have a rich history dating back to the 18th century. The hoarding design offers passersby a glimpse of what’s to come and hopefully provide some excitement about the renovation.

Dibond aluminum composite served as a fitting substrate for the project as the material is renowned for its durability, rigidity, light weight, and ability to withstand external weathering.

information and photography courtesy of Wallace Print