Sintra® Material Helps “Wave the Flags”

“I had used many variations of fabric banners and flags in past projects but wanted to provide my client, Breckinridge Middle School, with a unique display of flags,” said Marc Waller, president of Thayer Design of Monroe, Virginia. For the atrium of the Roanoke, Virginia, school, Thayer Design created a display of flags representing 48 nations. The project was installed in the spring of 2000.

np411bbf1d50e8eFor the display, 3mm black Sintra® Material, rigid board of foamed polyvinyl chloride (PVC), was curved into “waves.” The depth of the curved waves was 8 inches. The flag images were printed onto self-adhesive vinyl and then mounted to the Sintra Material. Kirtis Kwik Signs of Lynchburg, Virginia, supplied the flag graphics and installed the display.

Waller chose a rigid display over one made of fabric for several reasons. “Sintra Material provides a lightweight, smooth, hard surface that’s resistant to wear and is easy to clean –– all at a very reasonable cost. It also lends an innovative look that was well integrated into the architecture of the lobby itself,” he said. “We worked closely with the principal and staff of the school to communicate their commitment to innovation and technology. “We’ve done projects for schools across the country; most have been for magnet schools with exciting themes and an emphasis on technology,” Waller added. “Our work is often part of an interior design renovation that converts old classroom space into new technology training areas for subjects ranging from science to the arts. Our projects have ranged from space shuttle simulators to animal labs and dance studios. With Sintra Material, we can offer our school clients the latest advances in technology and cost-effective solutions.”