Tradeshow Exhibit Uses Over 200 Custom Fabricated Dibond Panels


610fce2ba0df2833b596fe5309ab2a90_f495Over 200 Dibond panels were printed and routed to custom specifications for mounting in pre-assembled trade show displays by custom printer and fabricator PrintB3. The graphics were produced under strict time constraints, making the accessibility and workability of the materials essential.

The design of the project was of the upmost importance, requiring numerous proposals including color matching to ensure the client’s envisioned design came to fruition.

e0e103627cb493c65e71f8b5a974cea9_f492According to the PrintB3, “The Dibond panels were fabricated to precise dimensions allowing for a perfect fit in the trade show frames once printed.”

Using their large format UV flatbed printing system, PrintB3 OCE 550 XT, over 200 panels were printed with ease, packed, and shipped to the convention center.

Dibond is a light, durable, rigid and dimensionally stable sheet material that is often used with framework systems. Its light weight provides advantages for transportation, handling and installation.