UK Sign Manufacturer Helps With Massive Rebranding Program Using Dibond ACM

Tara Signs, Piaggio Rebranding UK Motoplex, Dibond, Exterior Signage
In a massive global rebranding program, the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer, Piaggio, established a new presence throughout the UK. The powerhouse manufacturer Piaggio encompasses iconic brands such as Vespa, Gilera, Aprilia and Moto Guzzi. The company rolled out this rebrand called Motoplex throughout the UK with the help of corporate signage manufacturers, Tara Signs.

Tara Signs, Piaggio Rebranding UK Motoplex, Dibond, Exterior SignageWorking with the brand’s UK Network Development Manager, the team at Tara Signs was commissioned for the project due their to ability to produce a high quality, consistent product from manufacturing to installation. The first location to receive the rebrand was the Moto Continental in Longbridge, a new motorcycle dealer with a shop set up on a busy street in Birmingham, England.

The sign gurus at Tara explain, “Each sign comprises a fascia formed of Butler Finish Dibond ACM. The dealer name is stencil-cut and backed up with ‘black and white’ acrylic, which appears black during the day, and turns white when the LEDS behind the letter are lit up at night.”

The logos for the big brands that featured Piaggio, Vespa, Gilera, Aprilia and Moto Guzzi were fabricated by Tara Signs into acrylic boxes and “finished with premium cast translucent colored films,” they further explain.

Tara Signs, Piaggio Rebranding UK Motoplex, Dibond, Exterior Signage“The comprehensive service we offer means that the Development Manager at Piaggio knows that all he needs to do is give us the dealers address and phone number, we take care of the rest. We ensure that we comply with the Motoplex brand identity, that planning permission goes through efficiently, and that the installation causes minimal disruption to the dealer,” explains the representatives at Tara signs.”

A crucial aspect of corporate identity signage is consistency with the ability to create a look that represents the brand and is consistent at the various locations. For this, the team at Tara knew to pick quality products in their design to ensure long life span and a superior finish.

The team has already completed numerous locations including Scooterden in East London and Midland Scooter Centre in Nottingham.

information and photography courtesy of Tara Signs