UK Sign Specialists Showcase Expertise With Extensive Hoarding And Signage Project For Retirement Community

Adlington Retirement Apartments, Signage, Hoarding, Spiral Colour UK, Dibond
Spiral Colour has a team on staff dedicated to hoarding design and installation. Adlington Retirement Apartments for Independent Living in Macclesfield provides 24-hour care and overlooks a nearby canal. Hoarding designs require a site survey to ensure smooth installation, especially on sites with complicated topography.

Adlington Retirement Apartments, Signage, Hoarding, Spiral Colour UK, DibondThe Adlington hoarding was installed on a hill as the Spiral Hoarding team explains, “This is where our designer steps in and creates a schematic diagram to make sure that the boards are fitted by our team in the correct position so that the design is even. To overcome the problem of the steep hill, our team crated mitred headers and kickers to create a smooth flow up the hill. They even had to cut around the bridge wall in order to fit the hoarding correctly.”

The meticulousness of the pre-installation process allows for a smooth installation that not only saves time but also potential costs for the client as well.

Adlington Retirement Apartments, Signage, Hoarding, Spiral Colour UK, DibondThe hoarding was constructed with Dibond aluminum composite panels using a Jetix 2m x 3m flatbed press. The size of the printer allowed for more than panel to be printed at the same time, further saving cost. An anti-graffiti laminate was applied to the panels to ensure longer resistance of the hoarding.

To further advertise the new luxury complex, Spiral also created a series of signs to promote the properties. These signs were created using Dibond as the representatives describe, “We knew that the site will still be in the development stages for a number of years. This is why we used Dibond materials to create the Adlington Homes signage. Dibond can last up to seven years and is coated with anti-graffiti laminate making the material easy to clean.”

The signage was installed in house prior to site installation. As with their hoarding designs, Spiral conducted a site survey to assess the correct measurements. The experts at Spiral have perfected their methodologies for hoarding and signage production to ensure the most cost-effective and best possible result.

information and photography courtesy of Spiral Colour