Updated Signage Welcomes Visitors To Small Colorado Town

Signage serves an important function for a small town like Silverthorne, Colorado; it’s a first impression to visitors and a welcome home to residents. The old Silverthorne signs had been around for 15 years, made of wood and lacked character. However, the new signs, fabricated by House of Signs and designed by Roger Cox, provide a charming and warm welcome.

The signs were installed on either end of Silverthorne’s Interstate 70 off-ramps. Their placement coincides with the town’s attempt to highlight the Blue River and it’s offering to the area as a source of fishing and ecotourism.

Silverthorne spokesman Ryan Hyland describes, “We saw this as a opportunity to introduce a sign that was not so generic…the fish plays off the fact that we are home to a very popular Gold Metal designated stretch of water with our Blue River.”

The river is a source of great pride for the area as the state of Colorado has over 9,000 miles of trout streams with only 167 of them listed as Gold Metal fisheries.

The sign’s letters were formed with Sign Foam 3 HDU prismatic letters on a Gerber Sabre 408 CNC router and applied to Nazionale aluminum leaf, which provided the sign’s metallic hue. The crafted copper letter outlines were cut from Dibond aluminum composite material and installed to 1/4 –inch thick aluminum plate backers, which were topped with a black-powdercoat finish.

Additionally, the emblem is hand-textured with a water and cobalt-colored smalt finish and 23K-gilded ribbon. Another attractive feature of the sign is the support posts’ flowers that were printed on a Roland SolJet III XC 540 Printer and applied to Dibond ACM.

The sign is lit with integrated LEDs that illuminate it at night to ensure residents and visitors have the chance to enjoy the sign at any time of day.

information and photography courtesy of Signs of the Time and SummitDaily