Weird Times Comix Is A Larger-Than-Life Comic Book Using Durable Gatorfoam


Weird Times Comix is a larger-than-life comic book by interactive designer Gabriel Shaughnessy. With a background in visual arts, Shaughnessy has a passion for integrating story telling into his designs. Proficient in web development, he has a knack for blending two-dimensional visual art with advanced technology.

His Weird Times Comix’s project allows participants to enter a real life comic, where the user becomes a “digital puppet” with the ability to write captions and change the look of the pages that use projection mapped video effects.

The system is controlled by iPads, a Kinect motion tracking camera, interactive controls, projectors and computers. Built from durable Gatorfoam foam board, the Weird Times Comix display is suspended on a scaffold system constructed using century stands and wood.

Used in both interior and exterior applications, the portable comic display engages users by bringing their comic book dreams to life.