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For mechanical assembly & fabrication

SINTRA CONSTRUCT has been specially created for mechanical assembly and fabrication applications utilized in the retail fixture, construction and transportation markets. In addition to extreme durability and impact strength, SINTRA CONSTRUCT provides high resistance to chemicals and moisture as well as easy machinability, making it an ideal solution for your fabrication needs.

Material Composition

SINTRA CONSTRUCT is comprised of expanded, closed-cell polyvinyl chloride PVC in a homogenous sheet with a white or black finish.

Advantages with SINTRA® CONSTRUCT

  • Very good impact strength and scratch resistance
  • Easily machined and fabricated
  • Provides needed staple and screw retention  
  • Highly resistant to moisture absorption
  • No rotting or delamination  
  • Lightweight yet extremely rigid and durable
  • Heat formable and chemical resistant 
  • Easily formed into almost any shape using wood & foam board fabrication techniques

Recommended Applications

Below are some of the more common applications for which SINTRA® CONSTRUCT provides a solution. While these are frequent uses for our material, we love to see the unique applications designers & artists come up with!

  • Exhibits & Kiosks Medium-term application life
  • Structural Signage Long-term application life
  • Framing Long-term application life
  • Retail Fixtures Long-term application life
  • Shelving & Storage Components Long-term application life
  • Reptile Tanks & Enclosures! Long-term application life
  • Mounting Long-term application life

Recommended Fabrication Methods

Thanks to over 40 years of manufacturing experience, we are able to provide general fabrication guidelines and best practices that have been successful with our materials.”

  • Mounting Cold mounting techniques only
  • Repositioning Vinyl
  • Painting
  • Saw Cutting
  • Routing
  • Forming Curves

Gauges, Colors & Sheet Sizes

Gauges and Colors Stock Sheet Sizes
6mm - White 48” x 96”
6mm - Black 48” x 96”
10mm - White 48” x 96”
10mm - Black 48” x 96”
12.7mm - White 48” x 96”
12.7mm - Black 48” x 96”


3A Product Brochure

3A Product Brochure

3A Composites Product Guide

3A Composites Product Guide

PDF 02/13/2018 

Application "Quick Guide"

PDF 10/20/2019 

Fabrication "Quick Guide"

PDF 02/29/2024 
Product Sheet - SINTRA® Collection

Product Sheet - SINTRA® Collection

PDF 02/03/2021 
SINTRA® - Temporary Barrier Applications

SINTRA® - Temporary Barrier Applications

Cleaning & Disinfecting Guidelines - SINTRA®, DIBOND® & LUMEX® G

Cleaning & Disinfecting Guidelines - SINTRA®, DIBOND® & LUMEX® G

Fabrication Guide - SINTRA®

Fabrication Guide - SINTRA®

PDF 10/20/2019 


PDF 03/16/2018 


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Case Histories

New JIB Box Protects Packages From Porch Pirates, Weather Damage With Durable SINTRA® PVC Board

While the popularity of on-line shopping has been increasing steadily for the past several years, e-commerce has experienced exponential growth during the COVID-19 pandemic as a safe, convenient alternative to the in-store retail experience. Adobe has reported that total online spending in May 2020 was up 77 percent year-over-year and has projected a 33 percent year-over-year increase in 2020 holiday online spending.

3A Composites USA Broadens SINTRA® PVC Collection to Include Four Product Lines

The SINTRA® Collection of  moderately expanded PVC boards has been broadened by 3A Composites USA to meet a  wider variety of customer needs through four product lines: SINTRA, SINTRA Eclipse, SINTRA Vers (formerly e-pvc™)   and new SINTRA Construct.