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Artist Creates Aluminum Dragonflies To Enliven Building Exterior

daf11596b1a25e36bffc719903e8103a_f447 Although primarily used for signage and display, Dibond aluminum composite material has been featured on a global scale in several unique applications. The Regency Dragonflies of Hollingdean in Brighton are the epitome of unique. READ MORE

Stenciled Art Journal Features Gatorfoam And Fome-Cor Board-Book Pages

7a0c94f447fdc46b20b87da6793e5e3a_f445 Artist Mary Beth Shaw, of Wildwood, Mo., wears any number of professional hats from mixed-media painter to author and nationally recognized workshop instructor. But, she may best be known these days as “StencilGirl” in reference to her role as founder of StencilGirl Products. READ MORE

Sintra PVC Board Helps Create Historical Displays With Staying Power

1baf3a08861b8b8228942cf3a8f0cfdf_f438The Richmond, Va.-based International Mission Board (IMB), an entity of the Southern Baptist Convention, was formed in 1845 as the Foreign Mission Board and today serves virtually every country in the world. The IMB’s rich history and global reach are apparent in the décor of the headquarters offices, which feature several permanent displays. READ MORE

Sliding Door System Uses Dibond ACM

f22a55d38ddbe584cb05a55eec47c0a6_f434One of Comhan Holland’s many indoor tensioning systems is a lightweight sliding-door frame system called T-Door. The quick and easily assembled design has a variety of applications such as; exhibition stands, screening/separation in showrooms, warehouses, storerooms, retail displays, and other interior applications. READ MORE

Graphic Display USA How To: Cutting Dibond

64f9b16d2ebe3037e6bf8432a839e7da_f386Dibond Material can be cut using various methods common to both the metal and woodworking industries. These methods include cutting with table saws, panel saws, multiple operation rip/V-grooving saws, portable saws, reciprocating and band saws, and routing and shearing equipment. No cutting lubricants, oils or coolants are required with any of these cutting operations. READ MORE

French Designers Create Minimalistic Coffee Table With Dibond ACM

844aa5a768a4c0ad175541dbe143cdf8_f428When an architect and a designer teamed up to create furniture, the ultimate modern coffee table design was created. “Table 4x4” is a culmination of P. Guillou’s skills in furniture making and J. Barrès’ skills in space design. READ MORE

Graphic Display USA How To: Painting Gatorfoam

f8004fb44857917cf8fd84e7487b32aa_f426 Gatorfoam needs no special preparation before priming or painting. The surface should be clean and free of any oil or contaminates. If the surface has become lightly soiled or scratched, it may be hand sanded with silicon carbide dry paper 180 grit or finer. After sanding, be sure to clean surface well to remove any dust particles. For optimum results, the surface should be sealed with a good primer. READ MORE

Scandinavian Manufacturer Creates Promotional Clocks Using Dibond

0491bde826e0a7832efe32a68cd3984e_f425ZÜND is a Scandinavian manufacturer of digital cutting solutions. In 2013 the company created a series of Dibond, veneer and acrylic clocks. Using an application seen mostly in art galleries, ZÜND combined Dibond and acrylic to create an impressive look. READ MORE

FIT Creates Reusable Display System With Gatorfoam Board

621628abd6a1c2890166f0e329b520d5_f422 As one of New York City’s largest and most well-known design schools, the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) – a State University of New York college of art, business, design and technology – is known for its high-profile public exhibitions. READ MORE

Italian Design Firm Creates Lamp From Single Sheet of Dibond ACM

5c4aba337a270921d3971a4b06ed12ed_f417 Italian firm-ZPSTUDIO has focused on commercial, corporate, product and architectural design since 2003. Their creation of an iconic table lamp, Zeta, is part of their ZPSTUDIO TOOLS collection that features small-scale Italian production and craftsmanship. The ZPSTUDIO TOOLS collection embodies a unique relationship between traditional Tuscan crafting techniques with materials used in industrial production. READ MORE