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Dibond Used In Unique Motorcycle Design by Automotive Engineer

064051c4f9fe41b75b89d78632b95233_f408The original “Norton Shrike” road bike was designed and built in 1983 as a safer alternative to the conventional motorcycle. It’s creator, Dave Norton, has over two decades of automotive racing and engineering experience. READ MORE

Brooklyn Design Firm Creates Nike Athletic Case Using Dibond ACM

Project Name: Nike Football Cold Weather Case Project Location: Brooklyn, New York Date of Completion: 2011 Designer: WeShouldDoItAll (WSDIA) Fabricator: The Guild Creative Direction: Kevin Wolahan, Nike Project Management: Julie Kenney, Fluid Post-Production Photography: Portus Imaging c57f0484991ad19e4f26a9a4da661347_f405The designers at Brooklyn-based firm WeShouldDoItAll (WSDIA) were tasked by Nike with the extraordinary job of designing a case for NFL pro athletes in two days. READ MORE

Dibond Aluminum Composite Panels Create Storage As Bicycle Racks

5467556206b2bad364717c0ef0c499cb_f399 Taking his love of bicycles, coupled with his desire to build and problem-solve, Joseph Ahearne became a custom bike framer in Portland, Oregon. He uses bike design as a form of creative expression as well as a method of promoting environmental awareness. READ MORE

Doodling on Fome-Cor Board Helps Adults Get Creativity Flowing

4083bc535a7ea14397e0a9c4c264f708_f395 For all former pint-sized Picassos who got in trouble for doodling during class and who’ve grown up to be drawn to drawing during business meetings, the non-profit Chesterfield Arts organization of Chesterfield, Mo., has news you’ll want to hear: Doodling is good for you. READ MORE

Sintra Expanded PVC Board Made Into Comic-Con Convention Costume

984684e088aed5e5ab9f78176cfb7232_f389 Sci-fi enthusiast Cris Knight built a costume using Sintra expanded PVC board for the Comic-Con convention in Las Vegas. The character “Bender” from the popular animated television series Futurama, written and designed by Matt Groening, was the inspiration for the costume. READ MORE

Dibond Helps Students Bend The Rules In Architectural Exhibit

645165ecaab13cedac4ae85e7d0034ae_f381 Graduate students were “Bending the Rules” in a recent exhibit at the Pratt Institute’s School of Architecture in Brooklyn, N.Y., with four full-scale architectural design pieces fabricated with Dibond aluminum composite material (ACM). READ MORE

NEW SMART-X® Heavy-Duty, Recyclable Foam Board Introduced to Americas by 3A Composites USA

a8870b1d87355527cfe2125ed0313862_f375STATESVILLE, N.C. (Jan. 23) – SMART-X® graphic display board has been introduced by 3A Composites USA as the first heavy-duty foam board available in the Americas that is 100 percent recyclable. READ MORE

Dibond Aluminum Composite Breaks Into New Market With Custom Furniture

d4d77046920a57499ed0f51f05f0b53c_f334 Primarily used in retail displays, trade exhibits, kiosks, framing and signage, we also appreciate when clients transform the Dibond product with unique applications. READ MORE

GATORFOAM® Help CSI Printing & Graphics Sprout Intricately Routed Tree Display

Gatorfoam_CSI_tree1_CropWebComposition Systems Inc. (CSI), of Falls Church, Va., has made a name for itself as a full-service digital print provider serving the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area, Virginia and Maryland as well as national accounts during the past 30-plus years in business. READ MORE

FOME-COR® BOARD Now Available in Half-inch Thickness For Added Dimensionality, Rigidity in Displays

3A Composites USA is pleased to announce that original Fome-Cor® graphic display board now is available in the ½-inch thickness. Fome-Cor board in the ½-inch thickness allows graphic designers to add more dimensionality and rigidity to short-term point-of-purchase displays, interior signage, and exhibits and kiosks. Fome-Cor board can be die-cut producing a permanently closed compressed edge and can be embossed to create three-dimensional effects. READ MORE