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Dibond Collapsible Exhibition Celebrates 450 Years of History of the City of Oaxaca

5d5c5f2e69b6b8a06f37be4e9e8b6b3f_f539A three-dimensional story telling exhibition was created by Gustavo Fricke to celebrate 450 years of Oaxaca history. Numerous prototypes were produced with the designer stating, “…the basic concept was to obtain the largest exhibition area with a system that could collapse; making it easier to travel around the country.” READ MORE

School Creates New Wayfinding System With Dibond Aluminum

61833c82016d3fa5a45d987178991b7d_f532 55feea475be7d2df3c669dcec6df0f94_f535Wayfinding has been used in architecture for many years, but has now become an essential part of a building’s design. It not only encompasses the rudimentary idea of navigation of a structure but also a continuation of the building’s personality and identity. READ MORE

UK Shop Branding Inspired by 1950s American Diner Using Dibond ACM

5941acb308c48280055c4e3644a02c50_f526 Elsie-May, of the town of Tiverton, was well known for her cake-making and catering skills, leaving behind a slew of early 20th century family recipes. Her legacy lives on with the establishment of Elsie-May's café/coffee shop by her granddaughter, Mandy Jenks. The Jenks family café was inspired by the retro American-style diner, that theme is carried out throughout the branding on both the interior and exterior. READ MORE

Artist Designs Visually Stunning Illustrated Collage On Dibond ACM

c4bebb0f777b0069ce9789af33a795c0_f522 Visual artist Stefan Venbroek created this beautiful illustrated collage for the Radiotherapy Institute in Arnhem (ARTI) in the Netherlands. The artwork was intended to showcase the building’s natural surroundings and also feature the names of the hospital's various departments, which are named after animals. READ MORE

Metro Signs Scores With Gatorfoam Signs For NFL’s Miami Dolphins

4fbe77c156bb7e74118a9bb62ee10edb_f520Bruno Dede, president of Metro Signs, Inc., in Hollywood, Fla., has been creating “Signs, Graphics, Everything”, according to his company’s tagline, for the past 20-plus years. Metro Signs serves a wide range of clients located in South Florida – including the NFL’s Miami Dolphins – as well as clients nationwide. READ MORE

Vibrant Photography Series Blends Eastern And Western Cultures

c4815281922e9cc71377f58760ff137d_f509London-based artist, Hassan Hajjaj, was born in Morocco and his works span the artist realm working in furniture design, fashion, photography, as well as album-cover design. Splitting his time between Marrakesh and London his artist focus becomes this collaboration between Eastern and Western cultures. READ MORE

French Designer Creates Unique Lampshades With Dibond ACM

399ff3cc12966bae6f975b87f7a4459e_f508Dibond’s lightweight and durability allow the material to be used across markets to include signage, displays, exhibitions, interior design and lighting. As previously posted, Dibond’s use as a furniture substrate is becoming more prominent. READ MORE

New Smart-X Recyclable Foam Board To Be Showcased At SGIA Expo

b12ab681be8bdc5f8aaea53e2cf8b903_f501SMART-X® graphic display board recently was introduced by 3A Composites USA as the first heavy-duty foam board available in the Americas that is 100 percent recyclable. SMART-X will be showcased at the 2014 SGIA Expo in Las Vegas Oct. 22-24 at 3A Composites’ Booth No. 3241 where show-goers will be able to test their skill at the SMART-X corn-hole game. READ MORE

Artist Creates Incredible Hyper-Realistic Oil Painting On Dibond

2ca33e70bd2a41ac2f92bf74c865c5ca_f496Dibond aluminum composite panels are often used for direct printing artistic works and are becoming increasing popular as a painting substrate. READ MORE

Tradeshow Exhibit Uses Over 200 Custom Fabricated Dibond Panels

a5227c846d55bec54916bf39d917a8bb_f491 610fce2ba0df2833b596fe5309ab2a90_f495Over 200 Dibond panels were printed and routed to custom specifications for mounting in pre-assembled trade show displays by custom printer and fabricator PrintB3. The graphics were produced under strict time constraints, making the accessibility and workability of the materials essential. READ MORE