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Online Retailers Cant Give Us What We Get Inside The Store

6adf3f32d4ce35d04939801f7874b007_f630Although consumer goods are sold online, and the online shopping experience is both easy and convenient, there is something about the experience of being within a retail store that you simply cannot get online. The tangibility of feeling, holding and smelling products is a major draw, forcing online retailers to open brick and mortars. READ MORE

Refurbished, Eco-Friendly Office Furniture Customized With FiberMate Graphics

e1a87a7f26eabbd7da9d96be82a0cc48_f622 The thought of buying refurbished office furniture for corporate client The Chefs’ Warehouse was at first off-putting to Julie Hardridge, owner/lead interior designer of Archetype Designs, a part of Redding, Conn.-based Architexture Group, Inc. READ MORE

Artist Creates Uncategorized Exhibition Capturing Memorable Moments of Hip Hop Culture

328e6c7d565da9e76de3dec174364b18_f617 Chi Modu is a Nigerian-born artist whose photography has gained global recognition. Given the opportunity at a young age to stay in the states, while his parents remained in Nigeria, he was given a unique sense of independence and self-awareness early on. After his college career at Rutgers, he got a job at The Source, which was the definitive magazine for hip-hop culture at the time. READ MORE

In Case You Missed It: Creative Dibond Art Applications

We’ve examined a multitude of artistic applications for our Dibond aluminum composite material. Over the years, artists have used it as a substrate for painting, a mounting substrate for their photography, a furniture medium and even a substrate for three-dimensional sculpture. READ MORE

Renowned Artist Creates Masterful Oil On Dibond Paintings

e60e24e6f4c17a42f51b927b95f3db98_f613 0330d409f7f33f9fdc1692b8aeaa322d_f614Daughter of the famous “psychic realist” painter Rudolf Hausner, Xenia Hausner has gained world recognition since she became an exclusive painter in the early 1990’s. Although she began her career in the 1970s as a stage designer, she began working exclusively as a painter in 1992. Her works have been theorized to have complex and sometimes ambiguous relationships depicted. The artist focuses on female narratives, empowering woman on a global scale. READ MORE

Art Installation Replaces Ugly Wall On A London High Street

b92cf33a3a6cc831a33f75a38e93eb81_f607Across from Waitrose Car Park on Balham High Street in London is what locals call the “Ugly Wall.” In an attempt to “enliven the streetscape” an artistic motif was proposed to be placed on the wall in a three-year art installation. The artist, Tod Hanson, used a series of architectural motifs as his creative approach. The work depicts the historical identity of Balham in an eye-catching visual display. READ MORE

Pop Up Retail Shopping Bags Made Of Dibond ACM Drop Around London

a5f83625a378651eb1e53c973c162df7_f597 ICON’s retail display specialists were asked by H&M’s Creative Print Manager to further a marketing idea originally presented at a store launch in Singapore. This integrated marketing plan was social in nature, needing to create a significant amount of buzz online. READ MORE

Art Installation Becomes Scottish Visual Narrative For Passersby

08a4829d59e41d540eff1bcb127e37dd_f604 The incredible “Cathedral” wall installation by artist Michael Inglis is an explorative narrative cultivating the Scottish belief systems and highland myths. Over 200 feet long, the art piece took nearly a year to complete from conceptual drawings to actual installation. READ MORE

Stunning Dibond Aluminum Composite Lighting Concepts From Abroad

523eb2de5f334023ed03f55035dc14a1_f591We have featured two European lamp designs utilizing Dibond Aluminum Composite Material (ACM), each were incredible examples of the versatility of the material. Now, with two more examples of lighting designs, it is evident that Dibond is entering a new market segment in which designers are bringing new light to this traditional signage material. READ MORE

Fome-Cor Bright White Wins 2014 Readers’ Choice Top Product Award

ee8555fb8b6bd1d8dbbb506bbccb8bd5_f423Our Fome-Cor Bright White was chosen as a winner for the 2014 Wide-Format Imaging Top Products Award in the Rigid Substrate Category. “The 2014 Wide-Format Imaging Top Products Award winners include products that have caused the most excitement in the industry and have been a valuable asset to sign and graphic businesses over the last year.” READ MORE