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Traveling Outdoor Dibond Photography Exhibition Engages Worldwide Astronomers

From Earth to the Universe, Photography Exhibition, The Image Group, Albert Dock, 2009, Dibond Aluminum Composite Substrate In 2009, Manchester print and exhibition specialists, The Image Group, were commissioned to design and install an outdoor photography exhibition on the Albert Dock in Liverpool. READ MORE

Self Assembled Bowl Made From A Single Sheet Of Folded Dibond ACM

b5b3f63fb45d2c49b1ce509fa77fd4bc_f676Inspired by the folding techniques of Ron Reush, “a visionary mathematician and designer who was one of the first to explore the architectural potential of 3D tessellated structures in the 1960’s and 70’s,” Hans Sachs at Responsive Design Studio created the Durian. Durian is a 3D-folded bowl made from white Dibond aluminum composite material. READ MORE

Cottage Signage Blends Into Natural Surroundings With Reclaimed Timber, Stone and Dibond ACM

7c8bb9f8344102242b7a75f4e55b46d8_f671Relish, a graphic design and branding company out of Winnipeg, Canada, designed the exterior signage for the St. Amant Spirit Cottage by Hans Kraus Family & Qualico. The cottage is a recreational retreat for children with developmental disabilities and their families. The signage is featured on the driveway leading up the cottage and is the first brand interaction visitors have with the facility. READ MORE

The Effectiveness Of Dibond ACM As A Painting Substrate For Artists

6432181edc871d6f50b10820c62a14ee_f496Cut Plastic Sheeting, a UK Dibond distributor, recently completed a blog post about the effectiveness of Dibond as a painting substrate. The author states that Dibond’s increased popularity as painting substrate is due to, “…not only for its stiffness, but also due to its supreme smoothness and the superb results of its graphic finish.” READ MORE

Weird Times Comix Is A Larger-Than-Life Comic Book Using Durable Gatorfoam

5b212aa73c29e04b6214b7cfc5fde7c2_f664 Weird Times Comix is a larger-than-life comic book by interactive designer Gabriel Shaughnessy. With a background in visual arts, Shaughnessy has a passion for integrating story telling into his designs. Proficient in web development, he has a knack for blending two-dimensional visual art with advanced technology. READ MORE

The Benefits And Possibilities Of SMART-X, 3A’s 100 Percent Recyclable All-Plastic Sheet

92f221567d2f941498afddcfd2c9421d_f654The possibilities of SMART-X® include diverse applications such as signage, event marketing and product presentation. The lightweight full plastic sheet material is usable outside and offers a variety of processing possibilities. READ MORE

Architect Creates Over-Sized Dibond Lamps For Australian Lighting Company

e571030c5da57ae39384c09af99ebd89_f647 Chris Bamborough is a UK born architectural designer with a strong background in digital communications and geographical information systems (GIS). Working for London-based Hawkins and Brown Architects, then computational design studio Supermanoeuvre and Sydney-based architectural consultancy AR-MA (Architectural Research &Material Applications.) Additionally, Bamborough has a special interest in sound with allows him to produce electronic music and DJ in his spare time. READ MORE

Designers Create Folded Table Using One Square Meter Of Dibond ACM

Marcel_Dunger_Germany_Couchtisch_One_Square_Dibond_Table_3 Dibond is often chosen for exterior signage due the product’s weather resistant properties. Interestingly, this feature has allowed for the material’s expansion into the exterior furniture market. READ MORE

Photographer Captures Haunting Images Of Solders In Undocumented Battle

643eb2ee19f33530c494081828beffb7_f638‘Unseen Waterloo: The Conflict Revisited’ is an explorative photography series by Sam Faulkner that commemorates the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. Its purpose is to capture imagery of the soldiers, as if photography had existed then. READ MORE

Artist Creates Photography Series Of Wild Horses On The Eiffel Tower

1878e9277bfced78bf5fc89feeb43117_f631 e5ce9353f882c3ea5cfcc7cd0d5f5fba_f632Multimedia artist, Paola Pivi, creates dream-like artworks. Her photography series’ feature animals in surreal environments, donkeys in boats, zebras in snow, and her latest series showcases horses on the Eiffel Tower. READ MORE