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JetBlue Terminal Showcases Brand’s Identity With Interior Signage

7ab751566f9d2277cbfaddf8762685a8_f488JetBlue’s JFK terminal T5 was a very important project for the relatively young airline. It was their first terminal in which they had direct input in its planning and design. Architectural and design giant, Gensler, had the extraordinary task of designing a terminal that did not take away from the Saarinen design of the exterior. READ MORE

Stunning Typographic Exterior Signage Uses Red Dibond ACM

91a0d74bcf2f980eb8834a7a50b29353_f486 Brown Falconer Architects collaborated with urban infrastructure specialists, Groundplay, in the design of the Mount Gambier Library in South Australia. The striking, typography-inspired exterior screen was constructed using Dibond aluminum composite material. READ MORE

Eagle-Inspired Public Artwork Takes Flight With Gatorfoam Graphic Display Board

ef6c76f7b79b692299b0f7e9d8a9f21c_f482Not unlike its artistic inspiration, community spirits soared at the June 7 unveiling of the new “Eagles in Flight” public artwork in Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, as part of the city’s 2014 Pitt Meadows Day and Centennial celebration. The cubed-shaped mural installed in the city’s Harris Road Park is a collaborative effort of Pitt Meadows’ resident and internationally recognized artist Brad Dinwoodie and community residents. READ MORE

Beautiful Japanese Art Exhibition Uses ACM Substrates

8e32684304191b884c2622ad2d52073a_f473 Hiroji Kubota is one of Magnum Photo and Japan’s leading photographers. His life’s works focus on a plethora of themes from documenting Asia’s diverse culture to American history. Producing panoramic photographs of cityscapes, landscapes and daily life in Japan, the pieces for this exhibition took four years to compile. READ MORE

Massive Dibond Display Featured In FIFA Guerilla Advertisement

Dibond aluminum composite material (ACM) is used in retail applications worldwide, from basic interior wayfinding or window display applications to large exterior signage applications. To promote the 2006 FIFA World Cup, Adidas launched their +10 Impossible Team Campaign, which featured top athletes from around the world. Global ad agency, TBWA, developed a massive outdoor display for Adidas on the road to and from the Munich airport featuring German goalkeeper, Oliver Kahn. After helping the German national team place third in the 2006 World Cup, he retired just two years later. READ MORE

Aluminum Composite House Created Within Industrial Workspace

7f7cb3197a079a322aea62afa16ef5f4_f467 57df7b69bb3e47af3f381b06342e8471_f466German interior design experts, Designliga, built their studio out of an industrial metal workshop in Munich, sharing the space with their partner in Web development, Form & Code. The space, Halle A, sits next to Munich’s enormous power station, and is more like a small village than a workspace. READ MORE

Graphic Display USA How To: Mounting on Dibond

b644e9f65338dd02101d307eda9d21b9_f464 20e5ff403d148804a2b832613a08ab02_f463This blog post discusses methods for using Dibond materials in mounting applications. These applications typically entail the attachment of some type of graphic to the Dibond surface. The graphic to be mounted may be printed on paper, foil, plastic or fabric provided the proper types of methods and adhesives are used. READ MORE

Artist Paints Dibond Mural For First Boy Scout Troop In California

City_of_Lindsay_California_Troop_One_Mural_by_Josie_Figeroa_Dibond_Panels_1 The City of Lindsay commissioned artist Josie Figueroa to paint a mural as an ode to the first Boy Scout troop in California, “Troop One.” 5f06d5e418181ed06a4dba40105d670d_f462Robert Baden Powell created the Boy Scouts in England and 1907, bringing the idea to the east coast of America just three years later. READ MORE

Graphic Display USA How To: Cutting Sintra

ASTOUND_Group_EXHIBITOR_2013_Trade_show_Sintra_Board_Graphic_Display_USA_4 Sintra® Material, an expanded PVC sheet product, can be cut using common methods for plastic materials. These methods include, knife cutting, sawing, and routing operations. Shearing with a guillotine shear is generally not recommended. READ MORE

Graphic Display USA How To: Cutting Gator™ Products

2d30279ede63e34d208fab110fb52310_f452Gatorfoam® products are normally cut with equipment used in the woodworking industry. However, it may also be cut satisfactorily with hand tools or other specialty tools. Two of the Gator™ products, Gatorplast® and Gatorblanks®, may be cut with thin hand-held or machine-held blades such as mat knives, razorblades, and utility knives. READ MORE